Pianta's Plaza

A full view of the board.

Pianta's Plaza is a board in Mario Party: Third Dimension. The board is hosted by a yellow Pianta, and the board's shopkeepers are Nokis.

Happening Space Events

  • A Porcu-Puffer leaps out of the water and hits the character, knocking away 10 coins.
  • A whirlpool occurs, sucking up any players on the bridge. The players are spat out and taken to the Star.
  • Shadow Mario appears and changes the location of the Star.
  • A Shy Guy will give you 10 coins (just because he's generous).
  • The roulete of the casino goes off, what you get depends on what it lands on (like 10 Coins, a Star, or lose a Star).
  • Shadow Luigi sends the character back to start.

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