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A Pianta.
Notable Members
Ko Pianta
You saved me! Thanks a bundle!
Pianta, New Super Mario Sunshine

Piantas are a peaceful species that inhabits Isle Delfino with the Nokis, Yoshis and Tanookis, although they appear to be the dominant race. On the Islands they are a peaceful race however in mainland Mushroom Kingdom they have affiliations with the Mafia. Their most notable member is their leader, Piantok.

Game Appearances

Sms pianta

Pianta holding an American football.

A Hockey Player

Pianta appears playable in Super Mario MHL.

Back in Isle Delfino

They make a return in the remake of the first game they appeared in, New Super Mario Sunshine. They can be trapped in places, selling things or just hanging around. If you save them you can get a 1-Up Mushroom, Shine Token or (rarely) a Shine Sprite.

Island Dwellers

Piantas will be appearing in the game Super Mario Wii U. Notable members will include the Doot Doot Sisters and Don Pianta. However, in most of the levels male and female Piantas can be seen in the background waving. There will be one time when Mario or Luigi gets hurled into the air. The bros. can also talk to the species. They will say lines like, "Mmmmm... fruit," or, "What a pretty day." Mario and Luigi can talk to the Doot Doot Sisters, and Don Pianta appears as a miniboss.

Mariokart Wii: Xtreme Road Racing

They appear in Mariokart Wii: Xtreme Road Racing, but this time are called "plant-o"


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