Physics Bee is a 1991 Super Nintendo Entertainment System sprite sidescroller developed and published by Hybrid Co.


A Queen Bee's hive was destroyed in a freak storm, she was collecting pollen and returning to her hive and the wind blew her away.


You play as Queen Bebe, a rather large Queen Bee who has specific abilities that she can use to travel through worlds. She can fly, climb or pollenate whilst balencing her 3 meters out, if they all drop, her energy will slow down leading her to be much more vulnerable for a Game Over. Where a player would then have to restart a level for from one of the 3 checkpoints assorted around the course.



In total their are 6 worlds to roam each with different missions to complete inside different levels.

Image Name Description
Icy Valleys Well looks like you've really been washed away. You'll need to toughen up here with the cold temperatures so it's a great way to learn how to use your powers wisely.
Desert Plains Dry Deserts have sandstorms and little life but are a tricky place to navigate with affecting your stats too!


Enemies will appear randomly as they are categorized to certain worlds.

Image Name Description How it's defeated World
Bambuin Baby Penguins who will peck at you easily. They can slide on their bodies or by waddling to get you. Icy Valleys
Scab Beetle A scab beetle will try to ram into you. Jump on them. Desert Plains
Sticknsect Slow, old stick insects who will blend into the surroundings and then attack upon surprise. Freaky Forest


  • The game was originally for the NES, but updated for the SNES due to it being out and popular and it's better graphical update.
  • The game was originally called Queen Bee Bee and the Return to Home, but changed due to a more suiting and shorter title being favoured.

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