Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Crossroads of Justice
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Developer(s) Darklight Studios 3
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Platform(s) Visus Sphere
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OFLC PG rating
Genre(s) Visual Novel
Series Ace Attorney
Predecessor Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney 6 (Main Series)

Lucario Aurasphere: Ace Attorney (Overall)

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Crossroads of Justice is an upcoming Ace Attorney game for the Visus Sphere as part of the Visual Novel Series. It is the 7th Main Game in the franchise following the sixth entry released on the 3DS. It is the first game on a home console that wasn't ported.


Like any Ace Attorney Game, Crossroads of Justice is comprised of a number of semi-episodic cases each with their own story although there is an overall story between all 7 cases in Crossroads of Justice. That is also the main aspect of the seventh case.


Case Description Prosecutor Defendant
Case 1 Hunt of the Turnabout A hunting accident gone horribly wrong, two long time friends had gone out hunting however only one returned and now that one is being accused of murder. Without any of the moment witnesses, is there any way that Phoenix Wright can figure out who the real culprit is in his first case having returned from Khura'in, perhaps the woods will tell the truth. Gaspen Payne Hershel Bares
Case 2 The Watchful Turnabout An assassination, 9 witnesses and no one's telling the whole truth. This dress-up dinner party has turned south very quickly resulting in one of the key guests being assassinated, the festivities and general up beat attitude of the guests point to the culprit being the butler but something is hidden within these testimonies and it will be up to a keen eye and some sharp wits to perceive the truth behind a mountain of lies. Darrinius Jackson

Marcus Deslous

Case 3 Road to Turnabout A body found ditched in a sewer, while little remains and there are no apparent witnesses the evidence around it seems to point to a serial killer out in the woods. One Body and 8 Murder Weapons each with different people's blood and the most bizarre aspect is that one of those 8 people is still alive. Someone has been commiting acts of murder under the lonely night and seems to have their victim's murder weapons tell the next target. Darrinius Jackson None
Case 4 Field for Turnabout It seems the peace of rural farmlands can't escape a murder, a body turns up in a corn silo that was recently shipped to the farmer, Apollo has become the Farmer's attorney and believes something much more strange about the silo will lead to the reveal of the real killer, however it seems underlying deals and a blackmail agreement gone bad have resulted in the framing of the poor farmer. Darrinius Jackson Mitch Cornwall
Case 5 Rise of the Turnabout With the rising sun a body is found outside the Grand Park, shot and stabbed the victim is the Head Prosecutor Course Lecturer, Wiel Carl. The investigation has lead to the suspect being oddly enough, Apollo justice whom had been caught on camera talking to Wiel Carl before the victim's death. Now it's up to Wright and Cykes to defend their friend and find the secrets that lurk in the Grand Park.

Darrinius Jackson

Franziska Von Karma

Apollo Justice
Case 6 Moment of Turnabout In a death defying stunt a circus performer is found after an incredible performance dead, having been murdered through poisoned water. The culprit is suspected to be the Ringmaster whom had been making cutbacks due to the low attendance recently however it seems the troupe as a whole is a bit on edge and witnesses among the troupe account vastly different tales.

Darrinius Jackson

Franziska Von Karma

Jess Flale
Case 7 Lost in the Turnabout An incident known as the BM-5 Incident has resurfaced as a group of identical siblings have been brought into suspicion thanks to newly discovered information from the Moment of Turnabout Trial. The BM-5 Incident was a major terrorist attack that resulted in numerous deaths due to the bombing of a Shopping Centre. The Bombs were never identified and the victims indicate that it was a remote attack. However in bringing up this incident Phoenix Wright has inadvertedly summoned the culprit of the BM-5 Incident to commit a new incident, the BM-6 Incident in which Prosecutor, Darrinius Jackson had been killed due to apparent failure to protect the true culprit of the Moment of Turnabout Trial. Now it is up to Phoenix Wright to go toe-to-toe with an old friend and prove six men's innocence and find the true culprite. However things seems to be much more complex as each man is also trying to claim they are guilty for different reasons and it will require a keen ear and eye as well as deductive reasoning to solve the truth behind the guilt of the Raynold Brothers.

Franziska Von Karma

Miles Edgeworth

Raynold Brothers


Like previous Ace Attorney Games, Crossroads of Justice has the player control one of the three Defending Attornies of the series; Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice or Athena Cykes. The player handles a variety of court cases in which they must help their client, a defendant in a murder case from being accused of commiting said murder. The process of deducing lies from the witnesses, obtaining evidence from the crime scene as well as breaking through inconsistencies in testimonies is what allows players to reach a "Not Guilty" verdict.

The player controls the game through a very Visual Novel style of gameplay, by using Sub Menus and Point & Click gameplay the player is able to navigate through the various sub components of the game. The player is able to use Phoenix's Magatama, Apollo's Bracelet and Athena's AI Companion, Widget to solve various aspects of the cases. In addition the player can present evidence and choose various options to disprove statements by the witenesses' statements.

The player also has a penalty gauge which returns from the sixth game although this time is represented by a single Defense Attorney Badge and has six sections instead of the previous 5 from past games. If the player loses all sections they lose the case and it's game over, the sections replenish between each case effectively giving the player up to 35 penalties across the game.

Main Characters

Character Description

Phoenix Wright

(37 Years Old)

An ace defense attorney, Phoenix Wright is legendary, known for his fight to the end attitude and willingness to defend anyone no matter how guilty they seem. He is easily recognizable thanks to his strong blue suit and a slight flick of hair that hangs over his forehead. At times this Ace Attorney can be a bit clumsy with his words and is at times gullible, allowing him to fall into a prosecutor's trap every now and then, however his determination keeps him going even after having lost his attorney badge once.

Apollo Justice

(25 Years Old)

An up and coming Defense Attorney, Apollo Justice joined Phoenix's Law Firm a few years back and has been an extremely strong player in some pretty significant court cases. Apollo is a bit more outgoing and more ambitious at times than his mentor although can easily be beaten down due to this courage. Apollo has an incredible ability to notice the tiniest movements in someone when they are lying in their testimony thanks to a bracelet on his wrist tightening.

Athena Cykes

(20 Years Old)

A young but already rather experienced Defense Attorney, Athena Cykes recently joined Phoenix's Law Firm although has swiftly proven her worth as a defense attorney able to now handle cases on her own she often assists or is assisted by Apollo as the two are able to bounce off each other's ideas to form concrete evidence. Athena is also able to use her Mood Matrix, a program on her companion, Widget that lets her analyze the emotions of people's hearts when they testify to see whether they are unaware of certain information they've not included or are hiding. The program can be used against her however as people with overwhelming emotions can cause widget to only be able to display the out of control emotion.

The Judge

(58+ Years Old)

An elderly man who presides over Courtroom No.3, the Judge has not had his name revealed officially and has received many nicknames from both prosecutors, attorneys & witnesses. At times the Judge can be a bit absent-minded or a bit oblivious to the topic at hand, leaving him often surprised by the theories of both the Attornies and the Prosecutors as well as when evidence is presented. He is stern and just however giving both parties ample oppurtunity to take control of the trial and also to deal penalties when necessary. However he has been known to be intimidated by particularly controlling Prosecutors.

Gaspen Payne

(57 Years Old)

Referring to himself as the "Attorney Humiliator", Gaspen Payne like his brother has an inability to see his own faults and improve on them. Believing himself to be at times above common Courtroom regulations, Gaspen has repeatedly used dirty tricks to gain the upperhand in court although is rarely, if ever successful in his job. After spending time in Khura'in, Gaspen seems to have calmed down and become both more mature and smart when presenting evidence, allowing him to press testimonies and evidence further than before.

Darrinius Jackson

(29 Years Old)

A fiery burning passion, this Spanish Prosecutor is known for his Lion-esque appearance and incredible voice, capable of taking command of a courtroom through a thunderous yell. Darrinius is as serious about any case as other prosecutors but has a natural tendency to test the will of the Attornies whom he goes up against by using his booming chords to make his evidence and rebuttles even more significant. On the few occasions when he's been put in a corner (metaphorically speaking) some have said that it almost seems like a fiery aura surrounds him right before he deals a devestating statement to turn the tide of battle.

Franziska Von Karma

(29 Years Old)

An infamous European Prosecutor, after defeat at the hands of Phoenix Wright and her admission of her father's wrongdoings and her attitude towards Prosectuion, Franziska spent a number of years in Europe acting as both an incredibly successful Prosecutor and a mentor to young Prosecutors. Franziska and Darrinius are actually student buddies, having both attended the same Prosecutor's course during their youth, Franziska often competes with Darrinius to see whom can dominate a courtroom for the longest amount of time.

Miles Edgeworth

(37 Years Old)

Legendary Prosecutor, known across the world, Miles Edgeworth has earned his reputation as Phoenix Wright's true rival as the two have clashed multiple times over the years although Wright would either be able to slither out a win or Edgeworth would leave during the trial. Edgeworth's cunning reasoning has earned him a reputation for being able to crack through the largest and most convoluted bluffs, however nowadays Miles tends to about as the Head Prosecutor of the US Division of Prosecutors, Miles helps mentor new Prosecutors as well as crack down on corrupt ones.

Detective Gumshoe

(42 Years Old)

The clumsy but well meaning Detective Gumshoe returns again to help aid in investigations, Detective Gumshoe is very serious about his job although faulters at times when discussing cases as he can easily be distracted by his own internal thoughts. The Detective often works with Miles Edgeworth although when directly presideing over the investigation of a case he will help any Attorney or Prosecutor where need be. He's also not very good at keeping secrets and will likely reveal information to both parties on accident.

Case Specific Characters

Hunt of the Turnabout

Character Description
Hershel Bares 38yr Defendant
Erla Dear 36yr Victim
Officer Rogers 45yr Witness
Hondo Moni 71yr Witness
Jill Captner 29yr Witness

The Watchful Turnabout

Character Description
Marcus Deslous 62yr Defendant
Merinda Hael 38yr Victim
Almeil Ramige 40yr Witness
Jessie Soranto 37yr Witness
Lilith Endello 45yr Witness
Danny Lulimini 42yr Witness
Pendell Depsin 39yr Witness
Henry Fend 37yr Witness
Kathy Amgale 44yr Witness
Randall Herphen 41yr Witness
Oz Vexsen 45yr Witness

Road to Turnabout

Character Description
Roger Iving 31yr Victim
Doug Lymouth 57yr Victim
Elizabeth Respion 27yr Victim
Henry Noels 28yr Victim
Carlos Merdon 36yr Victim
Wendy Phorphous 24yr Victim
Benny Crale 42yr Victim
Leon Zoxie 37yr Victim
Kurt Dormus 45yr Suspect/Victim
Jenny Andoline 19yr Witness
Gordon Samphries 61yr Witness
Delila Samphries 58yr Witness
Paul Donny 33yr Witness

Field for Turnabout


Rise of the Turnabout


Moment of Turnabout


Lost in the Turnabout



  • Crossroads of Justice features the most number of Cases for a Phoenix Wright game at 7 (including Dual Destinies DLC Case), this is due to the greatly increased amount of memory on the Visus Sphere
  • Case 7 has the most number of Defendants for a single case in the entire Ace Attorney Franchise at 6