The Phoenix Order a group of powerful Bio/Pyromancers who live in isolation in the Temple of the Phoenix in Marais. They are notable for being the first mages to create both fully working spells for resurrection and spells to create and move the tendrils of the Sacred Flame.


The Phoenix Order began in Aereus as a cult dedicated to the worship of the Phoenix, a legendary flaming bird with the ability to revive itself after death. The group changed to its current incarnation sometime after 120FC, when the first magic artifact was discovered in Marais. Members of the Phoenix Order began experimenting with magic to attempt to replicate the Phoenix's abilities, and discovered the fields of Pyromancy and Biomancy (long before the Scirevicis Academy formalized their status as schools).

The Phoenix Order constructed the Temple of the Phoenix to allow them live in isolation and devote themselves fully to the study of magic. Through this attitude, the Phoenix Order became masters of magic. They created spells to move the tendrils of the Sacred Flame, as they believe that the Phoenix follows their path during its flight. They converged a large number of tendrils at the Temple of the Phoenix, making it one of the locations where a Pyromancer is the most powerful out of all of Aeo.

Their magnus opus, and the spell which they would be most well-known for, was a spell to resurrect a person after death without requiring the use of any rituals (only a significant amount of mana).

Blood Trance

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