Please note that this history of Phoenix Fire is completely fictional.

I mean, the backstory is fictional, however most games mentioned and partnerships are not.

Also, this story was made up a long time ago, and I still know it by heart and so all of the games here are fangames I made before Fantendo.

On January 24th, 2005 a man named Griffin Wray created a small company known as "Griffin Inc." at the age of 20. He had previous experience with coding in the past, so he wanted to put it to the test. He announced this company on Facebook and Myspace, and at the time it didn't get very many fans, but it was a work in progress.

A year later, on February 28th, 2006 Griffin created his very own RPG known as "The Four Rings" (non-existent on wikia). This RPG was a game where you had to save a prince instead of princess, and you had to save the prince by getting the 4 rings. 4 Rings represented Plains, Mountains, Sky, and Time. You had to get these on your sword in order to kill the enemy that stole the prince. It was decently successful and it motivated Griffin to make more.

1 month later, he was beginning to make a development team. It was revealed a day later that the official Vice President of the company was Griffin's friend Johnathan. Johnathan was very good at one thing: making music. He made all the music for Griffin's games.

7 months later (October 3rd, 2006) they made a game called Mini Man. It was a platformer mostly made by Johnathan but Griffin also helped with it a bit. The games art was made using Gimp, and that was the worst part of the game. People didn't like how the artstyle looked like, since it looked generic and really plain, and it emphasized too heavily on gradients. So that is when they decided to hire an art person named Tom. Tom was skilled at making arts specifically, and he ended up making the sequel to Mini Man: Mini Man Deluxe which came out 8 months after the original (June 17th, 2007)


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