Ice has his mac back and is excited to work on previous projects and maybe even some new ones!



Ice here from PhoenixFire introducing the brand new Furtheran. Now since the concept isn't fully finished, a page won't be put up but I wanted to announce it anyways. Its a virtual reality idea I had for a while, and now that I've actually been able to expierience VR in all its glory, Ice is able to make to make it even better by fixing all the flaws that current VR has. Its named Furtheran because it takes it Further than just gaming. 

Griff logo

A new show by PhoenixFire about an old man who wears modern clothing that resides in a mountain. He is the only person in america that isn't taken over by something known as the "Perfecto Movement". He is imperfect. He thinks that being perfect is wrong and nobody should be... it takes away emotions, debate, hunger, and everything else that makes this world, this world. So Griff is determined to turn everyone imperfect so people can know how its like to be human again...



Phoenix Fire is OFFICIALLY GOING TO THE SHOWCASE! Yes I know what you're thinking "You're not going to post any of the stuff". Oh but I will just you wait...



Successful Showcase with many announcement pages!


A new console to be released in 2015, which is titled "Codename Spectral" for now. I am excited to work on this new unique console that will compete with the "Pacifico" and "The V2", and whatever console is out there. Those are the main ones (although ironically enough, I will make games for the pacifico).


Do you really expect something to be here? Its only 2015 people!

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