As drawn by Exotoro (tbc)
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Freeze Fork
First Appearance  ???

Phoebe S. Trayd is the future daughter of Zonas and Sinicini, and by relationship extent Adexene. Kind and gentle, and quite a spelunker, Phoebe is a treasure hunter, and a lover of adventure. She often travels around the world to search for rare and precious gems. In addition to this occupation, she's also a part-time geologist.

As of July 30th, 2017, she is partially owned by Exotoro (tbc) as well, although her rights were only confirmed on October 15th for Athena forgot to list her among the Gone characters as Helena's.


Phoebe is of the African American ethnicity, stands at a tall height, and weighs around a hundred pounds. She has red hair in a large ponytail, and has red eyes inherited from Zonas' mother, Vitch. Like her father, she wears typical rectangular reading glasses. She has a furnished red-and-black coat, and has a red school skirt underneath that. Phoebe has brown demon claws with mouths when her demon form is intact.


Much like her parents, Phoebe is usually ordinary in most fields. She's very bright, and is a good and adaptive thinker, and is exceptionally talented in the field of geology, able to define many kinds of rocks and formations. She's also an expert on mining and spelunking, and is always going to remind someone on how to be careful when venturing far from home. While her communication skills are faulty, she can get through anyone with conversation, even those that would normally be very difficult to talk to.

Phoebe's weapon is the Freeze Fork, which is stronger and more durable than most forks. If stuck successfully in something, the object in question will freeze and have its innards frozen. Unlike her father's Freezer weapon, it is harmful and can freeze someone up from the inside if it's stuck in someone, giving her potential to be an accidental murderer. The fork does have limits though, when it's stuck in something, it only freezes everything within a foot's radius from it.


Phoebe is a positive and loving person, but can easily succumb to crying from pain or torture, or mistreatment. She likes to embrace people with hugs and lots of determination, but she can be too loving and caring and really attach to someone if she felt like it. She's so positive, in fact, that when she hears delightful news, she jumps up and down and claps like a small child, and often exclaims positive remarks in her responses. She can get a little snide or jokey, but she tries too hard to keep it within her control, as she doesn't want anything she says to hurt someone. She is very much determined and kind, and will do what it takes to make the world she lives in a safe and happy place.

Relationships with Other CharactersEdit


Phoebe really likes being around her father and finds him "charming" and "funny", if a little too nervous. The two bond like none other, and spend a lot of time fishing and/or seeking out treasures together. Zonas always prefers to spoil Phoebe, giving her a lot of extra stuff even if unnecessary.


Phoebe and Sinicini care greatly for one another and often do general activities together such as shopping and knitting while Zonas is at work. She's very happy with Sinicini's care of her, but wishes she didn't restrict her bedtimes and what not.


Despite not being blood related, Phoebe treats her like a parent and likes to spend time with her, interested by her mechanical features and her general life. While she can be a bit intimidated by Adexene when she gets in trouble, the two otherwise have a great bond.



  • Phoebe's design and concept came off from a series of "What if?" concepts user Exotoro (tbc) made. Originally, Athena wasn't going to make the character canon, but decided to when she thought about expanding the relationship between Zonas and the others.
    • Despite this, it is unknown when she'll make a debut in the series, especially considering her presence is in the future.