Phinix is a company founded by Griffin Wray in the year 1987. Phinix is mainly a video game company, however is known for a few of their TV shows they have created. The company is only making retro games from the SNES era, as they are fanonically in the year 1991, so if you want to join, you'll only be making games from the SNES-Genesis era.



Last year, I did a thing called "Phinix Bonfire Showcase 2016", and this is it's sequel, the 2017 edition. This is a showcase where I pour all of my ideas into one crazy fiery mess. Best part is that none of the projects will probably happen. You may find that the fact that it's called a "2017" showcase is somewhat misleading.

Spectrum Fighters

An all out battle from all sides of the spectrum! You have reds, these are characters who are considered the tanks, and are good with close range powerful attacks. You have greens, the projectile/long distance class, in which they specialize with weapons from a far distance. And finally, you have blues, the defense class which specialize in defense. Which class will win?

Buster and Bozo

Join Buster the bomb, and Bozo the miner as they go on a wacky adventure in which you fight rock monsters and evil gems!

Epic Story

A game that follows the story of Jake, a boy who aspires to be a soldier. However, after getting kidnapped by forest creatures, he sees the truth of the world he's living in, and now he must go on a grand adventure to stop the sun from rising, in a world where the moon shines constanly. Will he do it? Find out.

Epic Story II

A prequel to Epic Story, telling the story of John, a legend who has defeated all evil, who is now settled down with a wife, and a baby on the way in a church. However, when a threat is seen again, John knows he has to find the weapons that could defeat this beast. Will he do it?

Project Stargaze

A new console to be competing with the SNES and Genesis.


To get employeed you must include your username, or nickname you want to go by, a brief description of yourself, and what role you'd play in the company (artist/writer/boxart/etc). Note that once you join the company


LegendaryIce is the founder and CEO of Phinix. He is a writer, and graphic artist, who has had many ideas however much difficulty executing several of those ideas.



  • The company was known as "Phoenix Fire" from 1986-1987 until Griffin noticed a trend with one word companies, and decided to rename to "Phinix" to join in with this trend.
  • Currently the company is fanonically in the year 1991

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