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Phinix is a company established by LegendaryIce in 2014 (it was known as "Phoenix Fire" at the time). The company is now an indie company, due to lack of ideas for employees.



Epic Story tells the tale of a 16 year old teen who must stop the sun from rising for the first time in years to protect their god, the moon. The game is being worked on by LegendaryIce.



Codename Attach is a new gaming console being developed by Phinix, however still needs some modifications to make it a good console. Console announcement will be hopefully soon.


A story about the end of the world, and believing in love. This is a project made by Ice, who attempts to piece every Coldplay album into one huge story. 


The remake of a great FPS: TimeSplitters. Adding more elements to make it unique, while also keeping the same vibe as the previous titles. Gameplay will FINALLY be emphasized in this series.


When 2 great companies come together to make one awesome thing, you can only barely imagine how the result will look like.


Reviving a dead series that was hyped, but never got to see the light of day. Code will be broken, lines will be crossed, in this re-imagining of the series.


Blood is beauty. Death is delightful. In this dystopia take on TV and Sports, people must fight to gain power, and gain power to fight. What could possibly go wrong?


When applying to be an employee please state: Why you want to work with Phinix/what you would do, a brief description of yourself, and explain activeness. 

Phoenixfirerankss 2

LegendaryIce is the founder and CEO of Phinix. He enjoys writing very much, however rarely has the motivation to do so.


  • Don't vandalise
  • Don't be a dick to other people in the company
  • Make a game or product at least every 3 months
  • Don't break regular Fantendo rules


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