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Phineas and Ferb (and RHF)
Developer(s) Fantendo, Ganontari, Disney
Publisher(s) Ganontari, Disney
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance
Genre(s) Adventure/Interactive/Platformer (certain levels)
Release Date(s)
November 19, 2012 (Japan and North America), December 2, 2012 (Europe and PAL Regions)
1-4 Player
Age Rating(s)
E 10+, E on NDS and GBA
Media Included Nintendo Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 disks, Nintendo DS game cards, GBA cartridges

Phineas, Ferb, and RHF get trapped in a video game crossover. Despite the name, the players cannot play as Phineas and Ferb, yet they play an important role in the game.


To be written...


  1. Trapped!
  2. Adventure
  3. Dungeonman 1
  4. Homsar
  5. Megaman
  6. Sonic Adventure 8
  7. Super Mario World
  8. The Real Evil?



  • First, you go to Phineas and Ferb's Backyard.
  • Talk to Phineas and tell him what you got.


Dungeonman 1



Sonic Adventure 8

Super Mario World

The Real Evil?


One Player Games

Party Games

Mini Games

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