Phil Toadson
Phil in Iron Mario
Gender Male
Species Toad
Main Weapon(s) Gun
Ability/ies Weapon handling
Agent Toadson
First Appearance Iron Mario (Video Game)
Latest Appearance Iron Mario (Movie)
Agent Phil Toadson is a minor Marvel Nintendo Crossover char
acter. He is a cross between a Toad and Phil Coulson. Toadson is a member of the T.O.A.D. organization

Physical Apperance

Toadson looks like a generic Toad, he has a mushroom cap on his head that is white with navy-blue spots. He has a microphone attatched to his ear, and he wears a navy-blue suit and tie with gray shoes.

Apperances and Rolls

Iron Mario

In the movie, Toadson alerts Pepper Peach about Obadiah's plan to kill Tony Mario. In the video game, he needs to be found at the beginning of level 5, giving him a slightly more important roll.