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Full Name Pheros Simaa
Current Age 15
Date of Birth 25th September 1997
Zodiac Sign Sagitarius
Gender Male
Location Bridgeport
Current Status Alive
Douglas, Grim, Molliy, Nano
Family and Relations
Douglas - Brother

Grim - Brother

Main Weapon(s) Sword, Shield, Bow and Arrow, Bombs, Whip, Staff, Dagger, Rapier, Clawshots
Ability/ies Weapon Usage
First Appearance Cursed Enigma (2012)
Latest Appearance Cursed Enigma 2: Virtual Realm (2013)
Pheros is a human, who lives in Bridgeport with his brothers - Douglas and Grim.


Pheros has brown hair and brown eyes. He has fair skin and wears a grey headband. He also wears a wite t-shirt and blue jeans with a brown belt. He has blue shoes, which have a white stripe going through them


Pheros is a very quiet person and very friendly. He doesn't get on well with people he doesn't know and dislikes people that show off. He is a vegetarian and suffers from a mild form of tirrets. He has many likes including figure skating, sports games, many different languages including French, German and Chinese and running marathons. He also enjoys playing with his brothers and training with many of his weapons. His dislikes include insects, hail, people that kill animals and riding bikes.


Pheros uses many different weapons including Sword, Shield, Bow and Arrow, Bombs, Whip, Staff, Dagger, Rapier and Clawshots. He is the only brother not to have actual powers.


Cursed Enigma (2012)
Fantendo Nightmare (2012)
Cursed Enigma: The Secret of the Wind (2012)
Moonlight Studios (2013)
Cursed Enigma 2: Virtual Realm (2013)