Flag of Phazonus.
Capital City None
Largest City None
Language(s) None
Leader(s) Darth Phazon (unofficial)
Government Anarchy
Population 1
Currency None
Demonym None
Measuring System Metric
Abbreviation PZ
Included Environment(s)
Volcanic Caverns, Glacier Mountains, Toxic Marshes.

Phazonus (meaning "Desolate" in multiple dialects) is an island country on the southwest corner of Osiris politically part of the continent of Dolenia, and probably the most uninhabitable area in that world.


Only recently discovered by a few explorers from places such as LumoshilandExorthica and Arendonia, Phazonus has only been explored a few times; local predators have hindered any further possibility of colonization in any region.

Just recently, the being known as Darth Phazon crashlanded in this local region. Deciding to make this desolate place his new home, he set up a crystalline fortress and dubbed the land "Phazonus" after himself, while little knowing it meant "desolate" in multiple languages in Isis.

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Despite the overall uninhabitable nature of Phazonus, various explorers from other countries have managed to divide the desolate land into 5 different individiual areas, each with it's own species chain.

The Poisoned Bog

Located on the northernmost tip of the island, the toxic waters in these bogs make it impossible to find fish anywhere, but birds can be seen in the withered trees above, making them prime pickings for the local predators the Grenchlers (yeah, they live here).

The Halite Plains

Don't expect to find much here. These plains are filled with Halite deposits that prevent most plant life from growing, save for the occasional Saltine Cactus, which by the way is the tallest plant in Phazonus. Though you can find Dodongoes here (including the Infernal Dinosaur himself), there's not much to be expected.

The Ruins

These ancient structures carved into the Halite cliffs in the northwest part of the island; these could possibly be a remnant of a past civilization from some time ago. Rumor has it that some massive treasure is hidden deep within the treacherous maze-like ruins...

Volcanic Caverns

Ah, yes. The Volcanic Caverns of Phazonus. THIS is where "all the heat in the house goes" to say the least. Magma Lakes, Blazing Rivers, and various other superheated bodies lie within the sprawling caves. Perfect home for the predatory Magmoors.

Glaciated Mountains

These mountains (made up of Halite and Granite) are almost completely covered with ice. The only thing worth noting here is that fully-grown and Baby Sheegoths stalk the icy peaks.


Phazonus is number seventy-seven.

It's worth noticing that Phazonus is actually the southernmost country in Isis, thanks to the southernmost tip of the island.

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