Developer UniversalGaming Inc.
Publisher Wiki-wordmark
Genres Fighting
Release Date TBA 2015
Platform Nintendo Wii U
Media Nintendo Optical Disc
E10Rating12RatingCERO B

Phaze-Shifters, known in Japan as フェイズ・シフターズ (Feizu shifutāzu), is an upcoming crossover game for the Nintendo Wii U, slated for release sometime in 2015. The game consists of teams of players, anywhere from one to five on each side, battling each other across large, 2D maps with a plethora of options to alter the gameplay, the most essential of which is the ability to manipulate the flow of time.



  • Left Analog Stick - Move Character
  • Right Analog Stick - Move Camera
  • L Button - Open Item Menu
  • R Button - Change Map
  • RZ Button - Lock camera on next character
  • LZ Button - Lock camera on previous character
  • A/B Buttons - Jump


  • X/Y Buttons - Neutral Attack
  • Right/Left & X/Y - Side Attack
  • Up & X/Y - Up Attack
  • Down & X/Y - Summon Partner
  • + Button - Phaze Shift Up
  • - Button - Phaze Shift Down
  • X & Y - Phaze Break

Playable Characters


Character Normal Attacks Phaze Up Attacks Phaze Down Attacks Special Attacks
  • Neutral: Simple Slash
  • Up: Wide Arc
  • Side: Piercing Blade
  • Neutral: Combo Blade
  • Up: Whirlwind Slash
  • Side: Blade Fling
  • Neutral: Blade Finisher
  • Up: Knife Storm
  • Side: Reinforced Steel
  • Summon Partner: Serina
  • Phaze Break: Gigabreak
Jack Elemental
Jack Elemental
  • Neutral: Burn
  • Up: Geyser
  • Side: Flurry
  • Neutral: Zap
  • Up: Tornado
  • Side: Wave
  • Neutral: Icicle
  • Up: Rocket
  • Side: Boulder
  • Neutral: Shockwave
  • Up: Livewire
  • Side: Spin Barrage
  • Neutral: Unchained
  • Up: Livewire Dash
  • Side: Horizontal Spark
  • Neutral: Blaster Charge
  • Up: Ancient Wings
  • Side: Hammer Strike
  • Summon Partner: Hailey
  • Phaze Break: Thundering Storm
Paintverse - Just the start!
  • Neutral: Stab Combo
  • Up: Paintain
  • Side: Paint Dash
  • Neutral: Paint Squirt
  • Up: SPaiNt Jump
  • Side: Paintornado
  • Neutral: Stab n' Throw
  • Up: Paintwave
  • Side: Blob Jump
Crystal Legends
  • Neutral: Spin Deflect
  • Up: Blaster Slash
  • Side: Great Shell
  • Neutral: Hope Crystal Summon
  • Up: Crystal Spin
  • Side: Kero Wall
  • Neutral: Ideon Laser
  • Up: Tornado Jump
  • Side: Crystal Wall
  • Summon Partner: Ide Tororo
  • Phaze Break: Hope Crystal
Estell & Wulf
Mage Tales
  • Neutral: Morvar
  • Up: Other Domain
  • Side: Mind Power
  • Neutral: Pettus
  • Up: Soul Beam
  • Side: Kurita
  • Neutral: Landmass
  • Up: Maven Master
  • Side: Sin Caster
  • Summon Partner: Tooja
  • Phaze Break: Avatar
Fire & Ice
  • Neutral: Fireball
  • Up: Fire Barrier
  • Side: Flare Kick
  • Neutral: Heat Bash
  • Up: Lightning Gun
  • Side: Burn Spinner
  • Neutral: Hyper Fireball
  • Up: Lava Rain
  • Side: Sky Flare
  • Summon Partner: Ice
  • Phaze Break: Golden Flame Burst
  • Neutral: Power Clap
  • Up: Flaming Uppercut
  • Side: Lightning Fist
  • Neutral: Dual Blast
  • Up: Sun Blast
  • Side: Lightning Dash
  • Neutral: Power Pounce
  • Up: Inferno Rocket
  • Side: Power Pounce
Cloud Patrol
  • Neutral: U.F.O.
  • Up: Sandals
  • Side: Skyle
  • Neutral: Thunder Cloud
  • Up: Magnet
  • Side: Thunder Whip
  • Neutral: Snowball
  • Up: Snowflake
  • Side: Blizzard
  • Summon Partner: Frolo
  • Phaze Break: Storm


Character Phaze Normal Attacks Phaze Up Attacks Phaze Down Attacks Special Attacks
  • Neutral: ---
  • Up: ---
  • Side: ---
  • Neutral: ---
  • Up: ---
  • Side: ---
  • Neutral: ---
  • Up: ---
  • Side: ---
  • Summon Partner: ---
  • Phaze Break: ---
Crystal Legends
  • Neutral: Regeneration
  • Up: Heart Boomerang
  • Side: Wonder Hug
  • Neutral: Crystal Protection
  • Up: Heart Twirl
  • Side: Quick Heartnado
  • Neutral: Boomerang Crush
  • Up: Rocket Jump
  • Side: Heart Blast
  • Summon Partner: Waggles
  • Phaze Break: Heart Boomerang

Available Maps


Location Players Description
Min Max
Battle Arena
1-v-1 5-v-5 A simple location used to introduce new fighters and provide a fair and balanced battlefield.
Digital Rift
1-v-1 5-v-5 A strange region of Naahvelicon occupied by bits and pieces of the other various game worlds across MainFrame alongside fragmented bits of code.
Sky Spires
Crystal Legends
2-v-2 4-v-4 Way high in the skies, there are moving platforms across the stage; if players are not careful, they could potentially fall to their doom far below.
Gate of Eternity
Mage Tales
1-v-1 2-v-2
Light Dome
Fire & Ice
3-v-3 5-v-5 Aside from being extremely large, the upper section consists of tunnel like areas leading up to the bell, should a player hit the bell it will summon a random boss from the game (excluding Darkness) who will attack the lower half of the Light Dome, however this may be prevented if the Shield around the Light Dome is active. If the shield is active players will get hurt from contact with it, it also ricochets projectiles.
The Sky
Cloud Patrol
3-v-3 5-v-5 This simple stage taking place in the sky is all about platforms. It's merely just a cluster of cloud platforms and the quantity depends on how many players are fighting on stage, but theres alot to do with these cloud platforms which is what makes the stage interesting. UFO's appear throughout the stage and drop Weather Containers that are marked with a certain weather of either sunshine, rain and snow. When 3 of a kind of weather blocks are placed on a cloud at the same time, the cloud creates weather. Snow realeses a large array of snowflakes that scatter below the stage, rain rains on players drenching them and reducing thier jump to a small hop temporarily, and sun realeses an intense beam of sunshine that devastates players. Throughout the battle the day will change to night, at night things get wild as fireworks shoot up exploding and U.F.O's drop enemies from the series instead of weather containers.


Game Modes

Basic Battle

The central mode of the game, matches can consist of players anywhere from 1-v-1 up to 5-v-5, although both teams are required to have the same number. Each player will select a character to play as, as well as vote on which map to play on; the map is selected from the votes by a randomizer. Depending on the number of players, the size and shape of certain maps and the placement of platforms can change to allow for a more efficient match.

Options can also be changed through a voting system, such as starting health, level gain, lives, time, and map hazards.

Crystal Clash

An alternate mode available for play, matches still consist of players ranging anywhere from 1-v-1 to 5-v-5. While it is still possible to attack and defeat enemies, the main focus is to rack up as many points as possible by collecting crystals which spawn throughout the map. Special crystals may provide bonus points or create additional effects for the team that received it.

Options that can be voted on include starting health, level gain, lives, time, map hazards, and crystal frequency.

Racing Rivalry

A special game mode which continues to use the standard player count of 1-v-1 up to 5-v-5, maps and platforms are altered in such a way as to create a long race track. The first team to have all players cross the finish line gets an extra bonus, but other bonuses could potentially push the losing team to the first place spot. Players are ranked for their own individual performance as well.

Options that can be voted on include starting health, level gain, lives, time, map hazards, and crystal frequency (which can be set to 0).