The Sands of Time aren't yours to trifle with! How dare you! I will annihilate all of my enemies!

The Dragon of time
Full Name Phalanx
Current Age 1,000,000
Gender Female
Location None
Current Status Alive, but recovering
Class Boss
Family and Relations
Clotho (Enemy)
Main Weapon(s) None
Ability/ies Able to burrow into sand
Vulnerable To Sigils on back
First Appearance Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)
Latest Appearance SPP RPG: The Timereavers (Wii)

Phalanx is the guardian of the time rift. As a guardian, she is very powerful and does not take any prisoners.


Phalanx keeps her same appearance as in Shadow of the Colossus except now, her eyes are pink. Phalanx has an extra pair of wings and another sigil.


Phalanx was born with the other colossi from the god of dreams (Dormin). Phalanx was given the assignment of watching over time. Phalanx has battled thousands of sorceresses that wanted to twist time to their wishes. None have ever defeated this majestic dragon.

Exactly one million years after her birth, Phalanx is still very young and can never age. Phalanx is mentioned by millions of citizens in the timestreams. One day, a young woman named Clotho wanted to bend time to her will. Phalanx, offended by the distortion, summoned Dirge to kill the wicked girl. Dirge was killed and Phalanx was knocked out by a simple blast.

Phalanx eventually went rogue and flew to a desert. There, she lay dormant in sand for weeks. When Princess Peach found this boss, Phalanx did not say a word and battled Peach. Phalanx was ultimately defeated and she regained her nature. Phalanx is currently recovering from her battle.


  • Peach's Theme plays when Phalanx is flying about the desert.
  • A battle in the Bog plays when Phalanx's belly is damaged and she flies.
  • The Legendary Beast plays when Peach is on Phalanx.


  • Phalanx is the only god that is still living. The other 15 died painful deaths
    • Additionally, Phalanx is the only female god of the 16.