Pf. Shooks Guy
Pf. Shooks Guy's Sprite
Current Age 50
Gender Male
Species Shy Guy
Location Factory
Current Status Alive
Class Minor person, Villain (hypnotizeed)
Main Weapon(s) The Shookerator (if touched)
First Appearance Super Mario : Across Kaos
Pf. (Professer) Shooks Guy is a shy guy that works in a factory called "Shooks Inc.", Shooks own the factory and before all the robots gone haywire and attacked the toad town, his factory gets attacked by robots and was hypnotized by robots to squish Super Mushrooms, Leafs and fire flowers with his Super Shyguy 5000 to make the source of the robot's power source stuffed in a box, he first appears in the game, Super Mario : Across Kaos


Pf. Shooks Guy is a sepia Yellow shy guy with blue shoes like a normal red shy guy, he wears a belt like some shy guys in games/cartoons who wear belts, he simply talks like humans does normally in english with a french accent


He is acts like a shy guy but dosen't have any reactions like one, he has some carings for robots he made, he also enjoys paying employees who make robots, he also hates plant hybrids invading the factory, he uses some plant poisons to get rid of it without some employees noticing, he also has some likings into Princess Peach

Game Appearances

Super Mario : Across Kaos

He appears as the second-to-last boss, when mario encounters him, Mario finds him squishing Super Mushrooms, Leafs and fire flowers to make the robot's power source, the hypnotism wears off and he stops, he gets hypnotized by the robot again and the battle begins as he jumps onto the assembly line, in the first phase, he controls the Super Shyguy 5000, walking around the stage, Mario must make his way under the Super Shyguy, Occasionally, he will run across the screen quickly, sometimes, Pf. Shooks Guy will lift the bot into the air and perform a ground pound, after doing that, Mario must jump on the glass before the bot walks again, if the glass is jumped on 3 times, the robot parts will break apart (The Shy guy legs and arms and head), he will drive it like a clown car, he will send in some Mecha-Koopas, Mario must rid the Mecha-Koopas to make more room to avoid Pf. Shooks Guy from above who is trying to smash him from above, he must be jumped on 3 more times to be defeated, after being defeated, mario destroys the robot by punching it into the sky


  • Colonel Pluck and Pf. Shooks Guy Both operate a robotic vehicle, and share musics because Shooks Guy speaks english with french accent and Colonel Pluck's defeat theme is french-like


Language(s) Meaning Translate
German Bossi Goose Bossigans
Japanese オールドprofesserインク Old professer ink
French Vieux Sepians professionnel Old Sepian professional