Petunia in iPenguin RPG.
Full Name Petunia
Current Age 13
Location Pengville
Class Heroine
Main Weapon(s) Flight
First Appearance iPenguin (Game) (2011)
Latest Appearance iPenguin RPG (2012)

Petunia is a main character in the iPenguin series. Debuting in iPenguin, Petunia has proven to be a useful ally for Speedy and Climber. She is an agent at the iPenguin agency.


Not much is known about her before iPenguin. She registered before Climber and Speedy, and used to live in Pengau City.


Petunia is a rather gentle person, and loves to be outside. She is quite fond of the Aguin Mountains, and is interested in archaeology. She also loves Pengau City, and wishes to one day return to it.

She thinks of Climber as a little brother, and cares a lot about him, and tries to make sure he is safe. She also treats Ana like an older sister, and looks up to her. Petunia also has a lot of respect towards Speedy and Professor Dune, but doesn't treat them as anything other than co-workers.



iPenguin 3DS

iPenguin Adventure

iPenguin RPG


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