Neopets: Petpets Corner Shop
Developer(s) Capcom
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) DS


Release Date(s)
June 1, 2012
Single Player


Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Party
Media Included Nintendo DS Cartridge

Nintendo Wii Disc

Neopets: Petpet Corner Shop is the 2nd Neopets DS and Wii game made by Capcom.


In the world of Neopets, All the world's Petpets saw an AD for New Stores and Other Fun Places. They went there and found Pixiny building up a sign that says "Vistors Only" But Oukin says that He and the others wants to build a huge amount of stores and buildings in Petpet City. Pixiny and her 5 friends built their very own clubhouse called "The Petpet Clubhouse Center".


In the DS Version, The Petpets Speak Gibberish while the Petpet Park Petpets speak normal.

In the Wii Version, All the Petpets (Including Petpet Park) Speak American language.

Playable Petpets

  • Dipni-Favorite Store: Hospital
  • Oukin-Favorite Store: Dentist Office
  • Pixiny-Favorite Store: Rice Cake Shop
  • Hifflo-Favorite Store: Spa
  • Drym-Favorite Store: Treasure Hunting Area
  • Kassegat-Favorite Store: Day Care
  • Princess Lillyton-Favorite Store: Flower Shop

Non Playable Petpets

All of them from Neopets (Not the Regular Neopets, Example: Kyrii and Ixi) and Princess Lillyton (Aisha)


  • Bakery
  • Pool
  • Day Care
  • Spa
  • Hospital
  • Dentist Office
  • Treasure Hunting Area
  • Rice Cake Shop
  • Bowling Alley
  • Clothing Shop
  • Sleep Center
  • Flower Shop
  • Airport
  • Crafting Shop
  • Party Center
  • Plush Factory