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Petite Rabbit 4 is the 4th boss of The legendary starfy 3. He likes to sing

Super Smash Bros Brawl 3

He appears as an unlockable charcter in the game.



Left or Right+A=Noisemaker (Annoys people with the sound waves from a noisemaker)

Down+A=Violin Sweep (Slides on the ground with a violin)

Up+A=Note Carry (Carries people with music notes then crushes the people carried)

B=Clarinet Hit (Plays the clarinet and clarinet expands till it hits someone)

Left or Right+B=Case Hit (Whacks people with an instrument case)

Down+B=Cymbal Smash (Smashes people inside the cymbals)

Up+B=Guitar Smash (Jumps up with guitar then smashes)

Grap+Left or Right=Soundwaves (Screams very loudly then lets go of person grabbed and that person flys across the screen)

Grab+Down=Drum Smash (Plays grabbed person like a drum then lets go of person)

Grab+Up=Trumpet Spin (Grabs a trumpets then spins the grabbed person like a tornado while being smacked you can also move)

Final Smash=Death Song (Sings a song that makes every single person that is on the screen, instant K.O.)

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