Petey Piranha
Petey Piranha, Smash Bros

Petey Piranha bites up the competition!

The Petaled Piranha Plant
Universe: Super Mario
Super Mario Sunshine logo

Petey's Origins

Availability DLC

Petey Piranha is a playable DLC character in Super Smash Bros. Crossing Worlds. He is the biggest Piranha Plant in the franchise, and the first character to be a bit giantgantic, but shrunk down to the size of normal fighters like Mario and Sonic.


Smash Attacks

  • Forward Smash: Petey headbutts his foe
  • Upward Smash: Petey whips his head around
  • Downward Smash: Petey stomps his foot
  • Standing A: Petey swipes his stems at his foe
  • Standing A Combo: Petey swipes two times and then headbutts
  • Forward Tilt: Petey slaps his foe
  • Upward Tilt: Petey does a simular move to Wario, by putting his hands up in the air
  • Downward Tilt: Petey swipes his stems downward

Grab Attacks

  • Pummel: Petey headbutts his opponent
  • Forward Throw: Petey bites his foe four times then throws them.
  • Backward Throw: Petey throws his foe backward with his teeth
  • Up Throw: Petey throws his foe upward
  • Down Throw: Petey smushes his foe like a pancake with his butt!

B Attacks

  • B Standing: Sludge Attack!
  • Custom 2: Fire Ball Breath!
  • Custom 3: Snow Ball Breath!
  • B Side: Plant Seed Spit!
  • Custom 2: Multi-seed Spit!
  • Custom 3: Deku Nut Spit!
  • Up B: Piranha Flight!
  • Custom 2: Piranha Bounce!
  • Custom 3: Pipe Burst!
  • Down B: Petey Bomb!
  • Custom 2: Flower Bomb!
  • Custom 3: Pitfall Bomb!
  • Final Smash: Shiny Petey Time!

Reveal Trailer: Isle Delfino's Unlikely Savior

The trailer starts on Isle Delfino, with Pen-Frogmen surfacing from the ocean

Pen-Frogman Captian: Alright men; move out! Make sure all of Isle Delfino belongs to D.E.M.I.S.E!

Pen-Frogmen: Sir, yes sir!

(The Flightless Frogmen then surface, and start capturing the Piantas, Nookis, Sunflower Kids, Yoshis and Raccoons)

Pen-Frogman: We caught them all Sergeant!

Pen-Frogman Captian: Hm... Bio-Scanner shows that one of them is not captured....

(The ground then starts to shake)

Crow Guard: W-What's happening?!

(A pile of Goop then appears, and takes the form of Piranha Plants, and attacks the guards)

Pen-Frogman Captian: Retreat!!!

(The soliders then retreat and release the citizens)

Pianta: Oh... What was that.....

Nooki: Look!

(A shadow then appears, and the shadow belongs to.... Petey Piranha!)

Petey Piranha: Ta-Da! Thank you, Thank you all!

(A splash art then appears that says: Petey Piranha Chomps up the Competion!)

(The gameplay then shows Petey Piranha fighting on the Isle Delfino stage, him unleashing his attacks and taunts, and releasing his final smash; SHINY PETEY TIME! The screen then cuts to the Smash Bros Crossing Worlds Logo)


Isle's Mayor: And, for saving our village, we have decided to make you Isle Defino's protector!

(The crowd then cheers, and Petey then gets a bit too happy, resulting in him flying up to the rooftops. He then chuckles lightly as the screen fades to black)


  • Petey does his little Away team intro dance from Mario Strikers Charged. (Up)
  • Petey roars at his foes (Side)
  • Petey does a raspberry (Down)

Character Selection Screen

He blooms out of his seed form

On Screen Appearance

He forms from dots; sorta like Mario when entering a level in Super Mario Sunshine

Kirby Hat

Petey's Petals and a hat of him.

K.O. Sounds

  • K.O 1: Oof!
  • K.O 2: Gack!
  • Star K.O: RAH!!!!!!
  • Screen K.O: He-Lurp!

Voice Actor

His voice actor is Takashi Nagasako; the same voice of Donkey Kong.

Victory Poses

  • Petey moonwalks while singing
  • Petey claps his hands happily, or stems in his case
  • Petey spits out some sludge balls, and then catches them in his mouth; and says; Ta-da!
  • Petey does a little hula dance; with him then doing Jazz Hands; or in this case; Jazz Stems!

Victory Theme

A Calypso mix of Course Clear from Super Mario Bros

Alternate Costumes

  • Default Skin (Default Costume)
  • Purple (Based on a Spiny Piranha Plant)
  • White (Based on a Bone Piranha Plant)
  • Light Purple (Based on a Bungee Bud)
  • Gold (Based on a Golden Piranha Plant)
  • Red (Based on a Red Piranha Plant)
  • Black (Based on a Fire Piranha Plant)
  • Light Blue (Based on a Frost Piranga Plant)
  • Jet Black (Based on a Inky Piranha Plant)
  • Yellow (Based on a Glad Piranga Plant)
  • Violet (Based on a Violet)
  • Striker Outfit (His outfit from Mario Strikers Charged)