Peter Pika
Full Name Peter Pika
Current Age 18
Date of Birth January 29th, 1997
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Gender Male
Species Pika
Location Massive Mountain
Current Status Alive
Height 3'0 (91 cm)
Weight 50 lbs.
First Appearance Peter Pika

Peter Pika is an anthromorphic male Pika and the main protagonist of Peter Pika. He's an average Pika who has to stop the evil Dr. Wessel from draining the energy of his home: Massive Mountain. His main features are his silence and his propeller hat.


Peter Pika was born on Massive Mountain and raised by other Pikas. At a young age, Peter wandered outward and met the young Chad Capybara and Redd who he befriended. As a parting gift, Chad gave him his propeller hat. Later, when fully grown, Peter returned to his friends, and his athleticism made him the first choice for the animal to defend the Mountain against their new enemy: Dr. Wessel. After Wessel was defeated, he went back to relaxing with his friends.


Peter was born with an inability to talk, unlike the other animals of Massive Mountain. Instead, Peter expressed his personality through tricks and jumps. Peter is laid back and kind, rarely getting upset. He also has a very close relationship to his friends, Chad(who runs a shop and taught Peter all he knows), and Redd(the cool sly friend of the group).


Peter is a young Pika who looks much like other Pikas, but is a bit chubby. He is also easily identified by his propeller hat, marked with a large yellow P to show ownership.


Peter learned how to become athletic to show his personality, which became very useful when he had to defeat Dr. Wessel. Peter can use his propeller hat to give his jumping a boost, and he has sharp claws which can be used as a dangerous weapon.


  • Pikas are small mammals related to Rabbits, who live on top of mountain sides, and are called "Whistling Hares" due to the noise they make when they dive into burrows. Pikas were chosen as the main character when the developers came upon a list of obscure cute animals.