Petal Town is a small, elegant town that appears as the first course in Area One of Super Mario Exploit. It consists of 7 miniature mansions, a grocery store, a toy store, a barbor shop, many trees around the buildings, and a long path leading down to a water fountain. Beyond the main town, there is a path that leads to a well, and numerous benches. Citizens can access the sewers via the well. There is also a hidden maze under the fountain that is only accessable through a key that the mayor of Petal Town has.


Battle in the Sewers

Mario must first talk to the Mayor, and he will tell you about a pipe blockage in the sewer. He says he would do it himself, but he has "other things" to worry about. Mario must then enter the Well located at the end of the park to enter the sewers. Once there, Mario must follow the path of ink, and he will reach the blockage. Once there, he sees Sewer Blooper has fallen asleep in one of the pipes. Mario must attack him to wake him up. After that, Sewer Blooper will be enraged and cover the floor in ink. Mario must carefully avoid it and spin into his head. He must do this two more times to defeat him. The Power Star will then appear, and Mario can get it.


Silver Stars of Petal Town

Mario enters the town, only to find out that some strange silver objects have appeared in the town. Mario must run around Petal Town and collect the 5 Silver Stars. When he does, a Power Star will appear in the Town Square.


The Fountain's Hidden Door

The Mayor tells Mario that citizens have been hearing a strange twinkeling noise underneath the town. He suspects something is in "the maze". He tells Mario to follow him. He takes Mario to the fountain, and opens it. A door appears, and Mario must enter. Mario must enter a second door to enter the maze. He must them mfind his way through this giant maze and get to the Power Star.


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