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Pest Off is the 16th Episode of Skip and Sqak and Season 1. It first aired on October 5 1996. This marks the character Jerry The Turtle's debut.



Jerry The Turtle has been bugging Cynder for a week, pulling her hair, kicking her, and poking her with his pencil over and over. When Cynder fears that these distractions will affect her grades, Skip vows to protect her from Jerry. It later turns out Jerry has a huge crush on Cynder as Skip does to her, and releases his emotions out loud to the playground, emberrasing Cynder.

Cynder skipped first period to hide from Jerry, and when she went to the cafeteria, Jerry tried to give her favorite desert, chocolate cake. Skip gets mad and shooes him away, and Tubby eats the cake. Cynder worries he could come back but Skip assures he got the message.

At soccer, before Cynder was about to kick the ball, Jerry "sacrificed himself" and messes her shot, making him get slammed out of his shell as Cynder wacked him with it. Knowing that Jerry isn't getting it, Cynder tries to tell the other kids that she doesn't like Jerry, but everyone thinks she's bluffing and laughs.

In the lockers, Cynder gets a love letter from Jerry. Before she throws it in the trash Fogleg swipes it and reads it out loud in front of everyone. Cynder desperatly runs in the bathroom, knowing Jerry can't get her, but she hears Jerry talking to her in the air vent.

On the bus ride home, Skip hugs a tired Cynder. When Jerry came on the bus, he went on the seat behind them and continues bothering Cynder. After Skip explains that Cynder is his, Jerry doesn't listen and keeps bugging both of them.

After Cynder has a nightmare that she and Jerry got married and Skip becomes their butler, Cynder angrilly handcuffs her and Jerry togethor with her saying she needs to go to math practice, chess club, and strategy study after school. Jerry can't take all these sessions and runs off after Cynder uncuffed them.

Skip is happy and hugs Cynder, with her kissing his cheek.


  • At the bus, Jerry says "Frankly my dear I don't give a dang." is a reference to the infamous line "Frankly my dear I don't give a d****" from the 1939 movie Gone With The Wind.
  • Jerry's love letter appeared in Skip and Sqak 3 in the dumpster in Sunny City as an easter egg.
  • After Duckleg read out the love letter he wrote, Jerry says "Ain't I a better poet than Robert Frost?" which is a reference to the famous american poet Robert Frost, who wrote many poems such as Bereft.
  • The title is a pun on the word "P***** Off".

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