Personal Computer Chronicles is a game to be released by Capital GamesIt will be released for the Wii U, developed by Capital Games' Team A. The game is going to be released mid-2016.

Personal Computer Chronicles
Developer(s) TEAM A
Publisher(s) Capital Games
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) 3D/2D Action Platformer


Mike R. Appel is a young man from Folder, located in a large, grassy field near a small hill. The universe he lives in is inside a huge computer, known as Aperture 2000 by Skylight. One day, a mysterious figure flies over his hometown. Mike goes out to investigate this, but suddenly finds the world vanishing around him, replacing with a large, blue ocean. Mike gasps for breath but sinks underwater, through some white words reading “press any key to continue _”.

Mike wakes up in a dark, black area. He sees some multicolored light in the distance, and goes to investigate. However, as he runs towards it, massive letters and giant pictures assault him from left and right. Mike picks up a lost weapon on the ground. Small and with a long, wirey tail, Mike identifies it as a “mouse”. Mike uses this mouse to fight off a few enemies, by cutting and highlighting them using the mouse. Mike looks down at the mouse in amazement, and seeing more abnormally-large words and icons, he prepares to do battle. (STAGE 1: APERTURE STARTUP SCREEN) After Mike reaches the large, colorful lights, he realizes it is a large, glowing hole, similar to one on a camera. A large sign next to the hole reads: “Welcome”. Mike jumps at the gap glowing red, blue and green, and hits his hand on it. Suddenly, everything around him seems to vanish, and he finds himself in a grassy field, next to it a small hill. He recognizes his village in the distance...

<p dir="ltr">To be Continued...

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