Peppy Piranha
Full Name Peppy Piranha
Current Age 1
Gender Male
Current Status Dead
Class Boss
Ability/ies Breathing Fire, Biting, Breathing Icey Breath
Vulnerable To Icey Water, Lava, Water
Latest Appearance Super Mario Galaxy: The Third
Peppy Piranha is a piranha plant with two counterparts, Pepper and Peppricold. He has a body like Petey's, a normal piranha's head and Petey's petals.

Defeating Stategy

You must hit him with coconuts. Every time you hit him he backs up. Once he backs up into the lava/icey water/water you win.


  • Pepper and Peppricold were originally called Fiery Peppy and Icey Peppy, however someone liked Pepper and Peppricold better and the names were changed.


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