Peppy Hare
SFZ-Peppy Hare
Current Age 52
Date of Birth 41 BLW
Gender male
Species Rabbit
Location Corneria
Align good
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Peppy Hare (Past Counterpart)
Ability/ies Not yet
Sexuality straight
First Appearance Star Fox :nightmare
Latest Appearance (Not yet)

Peppy here is a retired member of the legacy Star Fox teen he also serve the previous leader James McCloud and wingman Pigma after the betrayed and betrayal of the team his father death (maybe) he joined a new star fox team of Fox McCloud Essie experience and learn many tricks and his years of flying he is very knowledgeable about Andross and the guardian and protector of Nikita Hayami Who he looks up like a granddaughter to him.



When the first Star Fox team was sent to Venom because of strange activity led by Andross, pigma who was hired by Andross and betrayed Star Fox and left James and Peppy open for an attack. Peppy barely escaped alive, but James was listed as KIA (killed in action) due his unknown whereabouts. He had told young Fox about Jame's fate, resulting in Fox enlisting in the Cornerian Flight Academy. He is seen as Fox's mentor and stepped in as a father figure after James disappeared. He often gives Fox advice, most notably his well known favorite phrase "Do a Barrel Roll!". Due to an ongoing illness Peppy eventually retires from being a pilot and serves as a general in the Cornerian army, replacing an elderly General Pepper.

Aparoid Invasion and Retirement

While peppy stayed on the great Fox to help his teammates however they was under attack by aproid to get more information about it and was completely seeing an old trailer pigma who stole the piece to make himself more Richer however not this coming team star wolf to get into situations bathroom with them find out about the queen she uses voices Fox's father including himself and General Peppy to trick everybody but remembering the advice that wolf have gave to Fox and somehow survived however it wasn't long until Andross nephew kidnap Nikita and completely sexual insult to her which not realizing the cost of her duplicate Azumi who stole her DNA As a new body for her.

deaths of his teammates

however things went accordingly from Bad For Worse as his teammates begin to become Slaughter by star wolf and temporary become shocking that fox had died as also as went to his funeral but as scared to see Azumi thinking that she was about to kill him but however at the flashbacks of being kind and general to her while she was nikita subconscious she realized that she has no interest of killing him and spare him.