Pepper Jack and Bullets is an upcoming comedy first person shooter developed by PROJECTGAMES.NET and will be the second original game that the company has done. Unlike their previous project, An Earth Story Pepper Jack and Bullets will be rated M and will include a butt load of violence, curse words, and aliens.


The story is a bit vague at the moment but what is known for sure is that you play a Bounty Hunter whose main goal is to kill an Alien drug lord. Along the way, you will collect Alien artifacts in order to weaken the Alien's power.


The game will be a first person shooter in the style of DOOM. Collecting Alien artifacts seems to make you more of a good shot, as your aiming skills become better. There are a lot of enemies to shoot like Alien guards, regular Drug users, Sewer Rat Men, and Reptile Men.

Your weapons are a pistol, a machine gun, a shotgun, a rifle, an axe, and a pocket knife. When you kill an enemy, you can select a one liner to say. You can take up to 34 hits of damage before you die.


The reaction to this game has been mixed for sure, while some are enthusiastic about the game, a lot of critics and fans alike feel that the game is a downgrade compared to An Earth Story which came before it.

Some have also found the excessive violence and curse words thrown in to be a bit much, even if it is a parody. Some are simply flat out saying it's downright lazy for them to rely on these aspects, especially when the last game flat out proved that you didn't need those aspects to make a mature and adult game.

Though there's not a lot of information out on the game yet anyway so this all may change in the future.

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