Super Legendary Fighters is Crossover fighting game and sports game developed by Ex-Aid Co.


From what was shown in the trailers and in the gameplay demo, Super Legendary Fighters plays very similar to the Super Smash Bros. series & Mario and Sonic series. Instead of characters utilizing a health bar like in traditional fighting games and sports games, characters' damage is measured by a damage percentage counter - the more damage a character takes, the higher the percentage will rise, and the farther they will launch. If a character is launched off-screen with a powerful enough attack.

Additionally, each character has four special moves, each with varying effects specific to the character. Each character also has their own Super Move, which can be performed by filling up a special gauge called the Extreme Move be dealing/taking damage (though this feature can be turned off). A Combo move is also available for each character - after pressing certain buttons in order, the character will perform a powerful attack. Combo moves are usually stronger than other attacks, although using it will deplete the Extreme Move.

Game Modes

Game Start (Fighter)

Game Start Fighter type the standard VS mode. In Time mode, players must KO each other to score points - getting KO'd themselves will remove a point. Whoever has the most points by the end of the time limit will win. Should there be a tie, a Sudden Death match occurs, where the leaders battle at 300% damage, and the last one standing will win the tiebreaker. The other mode is Stock mode, where instead of scoring points, the players must be the last one standing by Genm their opponents. The number of lives can be set, and should one lose all of their lives, they will be removed from the match. The last one standing will win. Up to 14 players can play by connecting Nintendo Switches and other controllers.

Classic Mode

In Classic Mode, players will select a character, a difficulty (either Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Intense, or Nothing Harder!), and an amount of lives (1 - 9), and then proceed through the mode. The player must battle through 7 stages of opponents, eventually making it to the final battle against Kamen Rider Blod.

Stage # Universe(s) Boss Used
1 Double Weather Dopant, Detective Roidkoopa Mei-Tantei Double Gashat
2 OOO Kyoryu Greeed, Chimera Roidkoopa Jungle OOO Gashat
3 Fourze Sagittarius Nova, Uchu Roidkoopa Uchu Fourze Gashat
4 Wizard Phoenix Phantom, Magic Roidkoopa Magic the Wizard Gashat
5 Gaim Bujin Gaim, Tsurugi Roidkoopa Touken-Den Gaim Gashat
6 Drive Gold Drive, Driver Roidkoopa Full Throttle Drive Gashat
7 Blod Kamen Rider Fake Ghost, Kamen Rider Blod Kaigan Ghost Gashat

Game Start (Sports)

Game Start Sports type for some sports you can play normal match and online match with 3-or 6-player*. In the online matches is also possible play with single player.

    • Soccer
    • Basketball
    • Volleyball
    • Tennis
    • Hockey
    • Archery
    • Roader Skate
    • Motorcycling
    • Baseball
    • Table Tennis
    • American Football
    • Equestrian

Playable Characters

Primary Characters

Name Type Teams Image
Twilight Sparkle Type All-Around Team Twilight Friendship

367724 safe solo twilight sparkle princess twilight vector artist-colon-couldysky

Applejack Type All-Around Team Applejack Bravers Applejack vector hey there partner by anxet-d5lm1kr
Rainbow Dash Type All-Around Team Rainbow Dash Rainboom Another happy dashie by geometrymathalgebra-d8q92kl
Rarity Type All-Around Team Rarity Fashion Rarity (MLP)
Fluttershy Type All-Around Team Fluttershy Butterflies Fluttershy2
Pinkie Pie Type All-Around Team Pinkie Pie Laughter PPsmile
Starlight Glimmer Type All-Around Team Starlight Galaxy Starla c by geometrymathalgebra-d9j3m7j
Sugarcoat Type All-Around Team Sugarcoat Glasses
Indigo Zap Type All-Around Team Indigo Zap Bike
Sunny Flare Type All-Around Team Sunny Flare Shinobi
Sour Sweet Type All-Around Team Sour Sweet Archery
Lemon Zest Type All-Around Team Lemon Zest Roader
Sunset Shimmer Type All-Around Team Sunset Phoenix 68a2de2157fa2a93553ce24bb47dc846
Twilight Sparkle (EQG) Type All-Around Team Twilight Science 71854620c1185028cbf208c01e4ebbc2-d9vvqpdLegend of everfree camper twilight sparkle by imperfectxiii-dacxers
Applejack (EQG) Type All-Around Team Applejack Bass Equestria girls applejack vector by icantunloveyou-d9olx4jLegend of everfree camper applejack by imperfectxiii-dadg3ve
Rainbow Dash (EQG) Type All-Around Team Rainbow Dash Guitars Eqg rainbow dash by xebck-d9bwdm8Legend of everfree camper rainbow dash by imperfectxiii-dadcyqt
Rarity (EQG) Type All-Around Team Rarity Beauties Eqg friendship games rarity by xebck-d98hnwcRarity by limedazzle-dam21ko
Fluttershy (EQG) Type All-Around Team Fluttershy Breeze Equestria girls fluttershy vector by icantunloveyou-d9olxh6Legend of everfree camper fluttershy by imperfectxiii-dad6hgh
Pinkie Pie (EQG) Type All-Around Team Pinkie Pie Explosion! Eqg pinkie pie by xebck-d9bwbwpLegend of everfree camper pinkie pie by imperfectxiii-dadjhzh
Mario Type All-Around Team Mario All-Stars Mario - SuperMarioRun
Luigi Type All-Around Team Luigi Harmonies Luigiart9
Princess Peach Type Technique Team Peach Kingdom PrincessPeachNewSuperMarioBrosWii
Princess Daisy Type Speed Team Daisy Flowers DaisyMarioSportMix
Rosalina Type Technique Team Rosalina Galaxy Rosalina NSMP
Toad Type Speed Team Toad Granders 308px-Toad - Mario Party 10
Yoshi Type All-Around Team Yoshi Eggs YoshiSSB4
Birdo Type Technique Team Birdo Bows 312px-Birdo MP9
Bowser Type Power Team Bowser Monsters Character18-Bowser
Bowser Jr. Type Technique Team Bowser Jr. Rookies Bowser Jr. SSB4
Larry Koopa Type Technique Team Larry Rockers Classic Larry Koopa (NSMBWii style)
Roy Koopa Type Power Team Roy Bulls Roy Koopa
Ludwig von Koopa Type All-Around Team Ludwig Beethoven Ludwig Von Koopa 7
Iggy Koopa Type Technique Team Iggy Plantman Iggy P. Koopa
Wendy O. Koopa Type Power Team Wendy Rings Wendy O. W. Koopa
Morton Koopa Jr. Type Power Team Morton Bigger MortonKP
Lemmy Koopa Type Speed Team Lemmy Hopping Lemmy Koopa SMGC
Wario Type Power Team Wario Treasure Wario union
Waluigi Type Technique Team Waluigi Pinballs Waluigiwiiu
SMG4 (Blue) Type All-Around Team Blue Guys
Orangi Type Speed Team Orangi Sengoku
Doshi Type Technique Team Doshi Street
Donkey Kong Type Power Team Donkey Wilds SSB4 - Donkey Kong Artwork
Diddy Kong Type Technique Team Diddy Red Caps DiddyKong2
Dixie Kong Type Speed Team Dixie Monkeys Dixie2
Sonic the Hedgehog Type Speed Team Sonic Speedstar Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 - Main Pose
Duke the Hedgehog Type All-Around Team Duke Sengoku Duke the hedgehog by tridoron9760-d5ch8qt
Tails Type Technique Team Tails Flyingmen Tails ssbtm
Knuckles the Echidna Type Power Team Knuckles Fighters KnucklesRemastered
Amy Rose Type All-Around Team Amy Chase SonicBoomAmy
Rouge the Bat Type Technique Team Rouge Beauties Rougebat-rouge-the-bat-fan-club-26777674-504-950
Cream the Rabbit Type Technique Team Cream Quests Cream and cheese team rose 2 4 by nibroc rock-d9sqrcu
Sticks the Badger Type Technique Team Sticks Jungles Sonic boom new sticks render
Doctor Eggman Type Technique Team Eggman Science Dr. Eggman (SMBZ)Sonic Boom Eggman203
Shadow the Hedgehog Type Speed Team Shadow Speedstar CG Shadow 11
Silver the Hedgehog Type Technique Team Silver Speedlight Sonic boom new silver render
Blaze the Cat Type All-Around Team Blaze Fired Blazey
Vector the Crocodlie Type Power Team Vector Fangs Vector Rio2016
Espio the Chameleon Type Technique Team Espio Shinobi Espio team chaotix 2 3 by nibroc rock-d9swyhp
Charmy Bee Type Technique Team Charmy Bee 242px-Charmy(Modern)
Marine the Raccoon Type Technique Team Marine Simulation Sonic Legacy Marine
Kamen Rider Double Type Technique Team Double Detective
Kamen Rider Accel Type Speed Team Accel Police
Kamen Rider OOO Type All-Around Team OOO Zoos
Kamen Rider Birth Type Technique Team Birth Armored
Kamen Rider Fourze Type All-Around Team Fourze Switch
Kamen Rider Meteor Type All-Around Team Meteor Mars
Kamen Rider Wizard Type Technique Team Wizard Showtime
Kamen Rider Beast Type Technique Team Beast Mayo
Kamen Rider Gaim Type Technique Team Gaim Sengoku
Kamen Rider Baron Type Technique Team Baron Knight
Kamen Rider Ryugen Type All-Around Team Ryugen Dragon
Kamen Rider Zangetsu-Shin Type Technique Team Zangetsu-Shin Energy
Kamen Rider Drive Type Speed Team Drive Driver
Kamen Rider Mach Type Speed Team Mach Signal
Kamen Rider Chaser Type Technique Team Chaser Break
Kamen Rider Ghost Type Technique Team Ghost Eyecons KRGh-Ghostore
Kamen Rider Specter Type Technique Team Specter Eyecons
Kamen Rider Necrom Type Technique Team Necrom Mega Ulord

Secondary Characters

Name Type Teams Image
Adagio Dazzle Type All-Around Team Adagio Song
Aria Blaze Type All-Around Team Aria Dangerous
Sonata Dusk Type All-Around Team Sonata Dark
Gloriosa Daisy Type Technique Team Gloriosa Daisy
Timber Spruce Type Power Team Timber Woodmans
Kamen Rider Skull Type All-Around Team Skull Lost
Kamen Rider Aqua Type Technique Team Aqua Lake
Kamen Rider Nadeshiko Type Technique Team Nadeshiko Universe
Kamen Rider Knuckle Type Power Team Knuckle Bombers
Kamen Rider Duke Type Power Team Duke Lemons
Kamen Rider Heart Type Power Team Heart the Kamen Rider