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People Ghost Eyecons are eyeball-like devices used by the Heroes and Ponies from Kamen Rider Mario: The Historical Spirit.

Later, 500 heroic spirits based on their respective historical figures were chosen to be sealed in another type of Eyecons known as Ghost Eyecons; these Eyecons were compatible with a Ghost Driver, allowing one with a Driver to transform and utilize the powers of the heroic spirits.

List of People Ghost Eyecons

900 Heroes

Batch 1

001. Miyamoto Musashi: Sword of duel! Super swordsman!

002. Thomas Edison: Electrical! Inspiration! The Invention King!

003. Robin Hood: Hello! Arrow! See you in forest!

004. Isaac Newton: The Apple falling, Bright red attraction~!

005. Billy the Kid: Cowboy shot! Yeehaw!!

006. Ludwig van Beethoven: Song Title! Destiny! Da-da-da-dah!

007. Musashibo Benkei: Big Brother! Muscles! Warrior of monk!

008. Ishikawa Goemon: Kabuki bloom! The Thief ninja!

009. Sakamoto Ryoma: The Japan awake! The Navy of dreamer!

010. Queen Himiko: Notice of the future! Yamataikoku!

011. Tutankhamun: Pyramids are triangular! Gold Mask pharaoh!

012. Oda Nobunaga: My Way of life! Okehazama!

013. Harry Houdin: Seriously cool! Amazing magician!

014. Grimm Brothers: The Heart’s door! Opens to fairy tales!

015. Sanzo/Xuanzang: Saru! Buta! Kappa! Break through the Tianzhu!

016. Sasaki Kojiro: Swallow Reversal! Wind of katana!

017. Nikola Tesla: Electrical of the energy! The Crazy inventors!

018. William Tell: Just one arrow! Shoot an the apple!

019. Lord Kelvin: Fire! Fire! The Red of heat!

020. Wyatt Earp: Sheriff handgun, OK!! Execution cowboy!

021. Frederic Chopin: The Nocturne of song! Im Played Piano!

022. Minamoto no Yoshitsune: Normal is Tengu! Jumping ship!

023. Izumo no Okuni: Kabuki girl! Popular in Kyoto!

024. Edmund Hillary: Iced at the mountain! Nobody climbs!

025. Confucius/Koshi: Family and Harmony! Philosopher for society!

026. Sten Lundin: Race a speed! Excited motorcross!

027. Toyotomi Hideyoshi: Sengoku at the end! The Sword hunting!

028. Jacques Cousteau: Search in the deep! The Twilight water!

029. Hans Christian Andersen: Improvisation for Read! The Little Mermaids!

030. Steve Jobs: Great idea! The Apple computer!

031. Jeanne D'Arc: Voice of god heard! Hardships overcome!

032. Orville Wright: The First flight, Where to even glide!

033. Vasco da Gama: Spice of the empire! Anticipation of hope!

034. Albert Einstein: Speed of light! Theory of special!

035. Bat Masterson: Gentleman of gunman! The Star sheriff!

036. Franz Schubert: Allegro!, Adagio!, Presto! Touching solo!

037. Tigerlily: Princess warrior! Second star to slugger!

038. Sarutobi Sasuke: Legend of ninja! The Red shinobi!

039. Muhammad Ali: Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee!

040. Elizabeth the Queen: Kind of the Queen! New England!

041. Cleopatra: Wrapped in carpet! Honor of talented woman!

042. Tokugawa Ieyasu: My World of Edo! Dai shogun!

043. Louis Pasteur: Tiny dangers! Discovery of bacteria!

044. Vincent van Gogh: Around the country! Sunflower painted!

045. Albus Dumbledore: Magic legendary! Wizard professor!

046. Billy Mays: Special TV! Leader in home sale!

047. Robin Williams: Spinach! Genie! The Friendship No.1!

048. Jules Bianchi: Dash of kart! The Smile karts!

049. Elvis Presley: Thank you, The Rock'n'Roll!

050. Charles Darwin: Discussion! Conclusion! Theory of evolution!

051. Auguste Rodin: The Thinker! Monday looking through!

052. George Washington: Cut down cherry! Greatest popularity!

053. Momofuku Ando: Soon delicious! Really delicious!

054. Galileo Galilei: Master of Saturn! The Celestial star!

055. Wilbur Wright: Flyer! Flyer! Take me higher!

056. Colonel Sanders: I want to like! Fathers of the chickens!

057. Juraj Janosik: Out on the highway! The Noble thief, right?

058. Alexander Graham Bell: Telephone! Speaking! First to call!

059. Matsuo Basho: Make a haiku! Goes for pathways!

060. Mr. Food: Hungry! Yummy! The Food kitchen!

061. Johnny Appleseed: Growing the apples! Story of the apple!

062. Ninomiya Kinjiro: Hotoku thought! Bronze statue to school!

063. Alfred Nobel: Merchant of dynamite! Honor at award!

064. Alexander the Great: Surrender to his strength! The Great horse!

065. Hattori Hanzo: The Name for predecessor! Iga Shinobi!

066. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Genius Composer! Two names prodigy!

067. Winston Churchill: Battle of the England! Never give up!

068. Abe no Seimei: Magic of the right! The Mystical roads!

069. Florence Nightingale: White-robed Angel! Saving soldiers!

070. Neil Armstrong: Man on the moon! Rocket on space!

071. Julius Caesar: Roman of the yourself! The Supreme Empire!

072. Jean-Henri Fabre: Insect Symbol! The Hunting wasps!

073. George Duke: Keytar of the man! Follow the rainbow!

074. Johann Sebastian Bach: Father of the music! Built was roads!

075. Charlie Chaplin: Radical! dramatic! Super comedy!

076. Raiden Tameemon: Determined hand! Lightning sumo!

077. Aristotle: All things divide! Flora and fauna!

078. Buddy Holly: Some classic tunes! Rock'n'Roll!

079. Genghis Khan: Dynasty smasher! Nomadic of Mongol!

080. William James Morrison: Fun! Joy! Cotton of the pink!

081. Nicephore Niepce: I want to take! The Photo subject!

082. Ernest Thompson Seton: King of wolves! Let's you bite!

083. Antoni Gaudi: Nature of the model! Sagrada Família!

084. Carl Friedrich Gauss: Magnet masters! I want to used!

085. Michael Jackson: Dance with you, Oh! The King of Pop!

086. Natsume Soseki: Greatest literary! I am a Cat!

087. Marco Polo: Introduce the Asia! Book of exploration!

088. Prince Shotoku: Unreasonable ten people! System of ranks is twelve!

089. Wong Fei Hung: Fist at fight! Bravely the tiger!

090. Santa Claus: Ho-Ho-Ho-Ho! Merry Christmas!

091. Pocahontas: Powhatan! It made a heartwarming story!

092. Nai Khanomtom: Thai legendary! Muay Thai!

093. Guan Yu: Let's Go! Prepare yourself! Seiryuto attacker!

094. Jack the Ripper: Crime notice! Ripper knife!

095. King Arthur: Sword in the stone! King of Camelot!

096. Matthew C. Perry: Let's Go in black ships! Arrival of ships in Uraga!

097. Benjamin Franklin: Shock is the kite! Electric enlightenment!

098. Arsene Lupin: The Jewel stole! Glimmer in the Darkness!

099. Satori Iwata: It's A-Me! Videogames stage!

100. Bonnie Zacherle: Reading of mane six! My Little Pony!

Batch 2

101. Bob Ross: The Affo painter! The Joy of painting!

102. Beverly Cleary: Books for children! Sunday in reading!

103. Yuri Gagarin: I it flew! Earth was the blue!

104. Suleiman the Magnificent: Daytime of sultan, Hat is onion!

105. Gregor Johann Mendel: Peas in a pod! Rules of heredity!

106. Jim Henson: The Joy froggy! The Frog puppet!

107. Roy Orbison: Shades of yesterday! Shahdaroba~!

108. Sigmund Freud: The Power of psycho! Doctor is the world!

109. Charles Dickens: Light of the sun, A Christmas Carol!

110. Gunpei Yokoi: Gaming fun! Pixelated warrior!

111. James Watt: The Steam power! Because you want to use!

112. Hercules: Killed the lion! The Ancient king!

113. P.T. Selbit: Saw! Saw! Cutter illusion!

114. Prince the Singer: Singing! Superstar! Real music!

115. Anne Oakley: Cowgirl shot! Yeehaw!!

116. Ferdinand Magellan: West and East! The Storms terrible!

117. Ivan the Terrible: All of the Russia! Great fire of Moscow!

118. George Cuvier: Aquatic animal! Sound of dolphins!

119. Sen no Rikyu: Tea ceremony to the road! Forrest of green tea!

120. Che Guevara: Feelings of love! Soldier standing!

121. Tomoe Gozen: Blade of the nobility! Woman warlord!

122. Jimi Hendrix: The Watchtower! Sonic guitarist!

123. Kunoichi: The Female shinobi, The Pinkie jumping~!

124. Date Masamune: Essence with wind flow! One-Dragon eyes!

125. Sanada Yukimura: The Brave of flame! The Spear a cross!

126. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake! Come on, take to dance!

127. Lee Kuan Yew: The End of rainbow! Generosity of Singapore!

128. W.C. Handy: Like a trumpet! Heart of the blues!

129. Rene Descartes: Certification advance! Cogito ergo sum!

130. Guglielmo Marconi: Boy of electricity! Radio for time!

131. Arthur Conan Doyle: Elementary closed, Light mystery!

132. Alberto Santos-Dumont: Air! Cloud! The Rainbow balloon!

133. Abraham Lincoln: Honesty! Heroes! Emancipation of slavery!

134. Archimedes: Answer is whether this! Eureka!

135. Mata Hari: The Beautiful spy! Cunning and sly!

136. Calamity Jane: Sharpshooter girls! Brave of revolver!

137. Amelia Earhart: Single of kindness! The Pilot woman!

138. Salvador Dali: Memory! Persistence! Pretty surreal!

139. Christopher Columbus: The Best one! Grand voyage!

140. King Kamehameha I: Hawaii waiwai! Rule over it!

141. Akiko Yosano: Girl is a shy, Disordered hair!

142. Pony Halloway: Courage rugby! Sport of way!

143. Andy Hug: Heroes for kick! Kyokushin karate!

144. Yang Guifei/Yokihi: The Fantastic that aroused! The Lychee season!

145. Perseus: Greek at the knight! Medusa is stone!

146. Red Baron: Fight on the sky! The Plane of baron!

147. Geronimo: Not Axe against! Apache of Revenger!

148. John Lennon: I need somebody, Help! The Beatles!

149. Liu Bei/Ryubi: The China warlord! Dragon on stage!

150. Dr. Seuss: The Rhyming Cat! An Amazing Hat!

151. Pinkamena Pie: Pony of violence! Crying and sad!

152. Alibaba: I got a treasure! Open Sesame!

153. Ayrton Senna: Fast on your side! Ready Go!

154. Walt Disney: Disney of the land! Empire of joy!

155. Napoleon Bonaparte: Begin the Revolution! It is destiny!

156. Faustina Bordoni: Aria of the rival, Musical quarterly!

157. Vlad the Impaler: The Darkness of spear! Oppression is cruel!

158. Uesugi Kenshin: Just war hero! The White samurai!

159. Takeda Shingen: Your mansion! Attack the way! Furinkazan!

160. Alfred the Great: Fight! Warrior! Goes England!

161. Socrates: Disciple and dialogue! I want to know everything!

162. Andy Murray: Hit for wind! Tennis legend!

163. Sinbad the Sailor: Wave! Stream! Get at the sea!

164. Belle Starr: Younger! Rodeo! Cowgirl for horses!

165. William Shakespeare: It's Romeo and Juliet!

166. Mary Ann Cotton: Tricks! Poison! The Husband's punishment!

167. Ikkyu: In a pinch! Stay alert tonchi!

168. Pythagoras: The Triangular theorem! As i said!

169. Anne Bonny: Maiden to back! Wave of shoot!

170. Clara Barton: Angel of healed! Heart's powered!

171. Momotaro: Momo the samurai! Let's Go!

172. Lance Armstrong: Cycling to bike! Speedy cyclist!

173. Aladdin: Genie in lamp! Prince of mysterious lamp!

174. Mary Reed: Splash of slash! You at the ship!

175. Davy Jones: Octopus's head! The Dark pirates!

176. Sherwood Johnson: Hello! Pizza! Real pizzaman!

177. Blackbeard: Pillage your galleon! Pirate attacker!

178. Alfred Bulltop Stormalong: Stormy at sea, Rivalry with a Kraken!

179. Nicolaus Copernicus: Galaxy of the sun! students of astronomy!

180. Bruce Lee: Kung-Fu fist and nunchucks! Wacha!

181. Henry Ford: Signals idea! Motive to drive!

182. Pablo Picasso: The Strange arts! Guernica to paint!

183. Yoshito Usui: Prosperity of gags! Stupid creator!

184. Coco Chanel: Queen of the jewel! Fashion idea!

185. Martin Luther King: Drive out darkness! The Black justice!

186. Antoine Lavoisier: Burning! Flame! Theory of oxygen!

187. Freddie Mercury: Rock star! Powered! The Great pretender!

188. Sun Tzu: The Art of War! Write to fight!

189. Zhuge Liang/Shokatsu Koumei: Leader for wind, Sleeping dragon!

190. Michael Jordan: Take the jump! Basketball on stage!

191. Jack Sparrow: I want to leave! Pirate jack!

192. Nezumi Kozō: Stole a gold! Stupid of ninja!

193. Attila the Hun: Earth smasher! Hun of the warrior!

194. Fredrich Nietzsche: It Eternal recurrence! God is dead!

195. Alexandra Flynn Scott: Sour lemonade! Treatment of funds!

196. Jackie Robinson: Baseball is like, A Poker game!

197. Hozoin In'ei: Monk! Crescent Moon! Night spear!

198. Marie Curie: Nuclear! Power! The Scientist queen!

199. James Cook: Hawaii is dangerous! You got it!

200. Emperor Jimmu: Head to yamato! The No.1 emperor!

Batch 3

201. David Livingstone: Jungle mission! Victoria falls!

202. Alexander Fleming: Allies in the war! Discovery of penicillin!

203. Johannes Vermeer: Paint at white, It's a Milkmaid!

204. Mahatma Gandhi: Forgiveness for the end! Elephent of india!

205. Anubis: Weighing of the Heart! How will it fare against Ma'at?

206. Antonio Vivaldi: Violin! Sonata! The Four seasons!

207. Scheherazade: Arabian siren! Live until tomorrow!

208. Sacagawea: Head to west! Skills among chopper!

209. Fa Mulan: Family! Bamboom Forest! Maiden in disguise!

210. Ryunosuke Akutagawa: Monster at night, Country of Kappa!

211. Wilder Penfield: Organ! Destiny! The Brain memory!

212. Christiaan Barnard: First heart transplant! Shut down!

213. Duke Ellington: Mood Indigo! My Music is supreme!

214. Xiahou Dun: Arrow in eye! Darkness of blade!

215. Jean-Eugene Robert-Houdin: Master of magic! The No.1 conjuring!

216. Bob Marley: Catch a fire! The Redemption song!

217. Sun Wukong: Birth in the stone! The Monkey king!

218. Randy Savage: The Strong power! Macho! Macho Man!

219. Maeda Keiji: Tilted! Droll fellow! The Free man!

220. Fuma Kotaro: Stalker in the shadow! Silent Shuriken throw!

221. DJ Frankie Knuckles: The Godfather of house music! Super DJ!

222. Paracelsus: Fire! Water! Earth! Wind! The Elements of healing!

223. Hernan Cortes: Gold was his desire! Downfall of the empire!

224. Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Loneliness and freedom, Social contract theory!

225. Sunthorn Phu: Thai literature! Sleepy melody!

226. Indiana Jones: Ancient! Jungle! Protector adventure!

227. Zhu Baijie: Stronger pigs! Hold spear and slash!

228. Ringo Starr: Get a drums! Beat singer!

229. Anne Frank: Friendship is happy! Girl to write!

230. Jiraiya: Ninja master! Shinobi toad!

231. Richard the Lionheart: Knight of the England! I am Lionheart!

232. Erik the Red: the Life of viking! Max for smash!

233. Sha Wujing: Warrior of kappa! Devil is you!

234. Cornelius Vanderbilt: Rattling train! The Ground land!

235. Saigo Takamori: Breaking the volcano! True samurai!

236. Emperor Nero: Emperor burned! Great Fire of Rome!

237. Mike Fink: Fisherman! Shooter! King of the keelboaters!

238. Mr. Rogers: Hi there, neighbor! Change my shoes!

239. John Henry: Hammer! Hammer! Drive down the steel spike!

240. Gordon Ramsay: Perfect food is born! Genius chef!

241. Grigori Rasputin: Evil of the immortality! The Mother Russia!

242. Eiji Tsuburaya: Land of the light! Ultraman!

243. Naresuan the Great: The Elephant battle! Elder of royal!

244. Tom Nelson Downs: Enjoy your show! Tricks with coins!

245. Tenkatoitsu: Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, Ieyasu! When will it be achieved! Tenkatoitsu!

246. Karel Capek: Cyber peoples! Metal robots!

247. Leif Erickson: Here we Go! Viking in the Vinland!

248. Louis Daguerre: Photo and drew! Metal photography!

249. Clarence Nash: Original voice! The Family of ducks!

250. Shotaro Ishinomori: Pen and paper! God of the creation!

251. Mother Teresa: Where there is love, There is god!

252. Lewis Carroll: Books! Fun! The Wonder world!

253. Carmen Miranda: Fruits dancing! Queen of samba!

254. Edvard Munch: Pictures of the soul! The Scream of nature!

255. Edger Allan Poe: Nevermore! The Shadow raven!

256. Edward Jenner: Cows! Moo! The Vaccine in human!

257. H.H. Holmes: Devil of the White City! Trap doors to your death!

258. Mary Edward Walker: Sirens wailing! Medal of Honor!

259. Wild Bill Hickok: Legend of gunfighter, Bang! Dangerous ground!

260. Shaka Zulu: Zulu commander! Shield and Hammer!

261. John Logie Baird: Man of vision! Developed television!

262. Chikamatsu Monzaemon: Popular Joruri! Sewamono selling!

263. Michael Faraday: Motor of the power! Electricity and light!

264. Bonnie Parker & Clyde Barrow: Criminal duo! Bang-Bang shooting!

265. Julia Child: Mastering the Art of French Cooking!

266. Ardré the Giant: Beer drinking! Powerful of mighty!

267. Mori Ranmaru: Nobunaga's famous! It would be competent!

268. Sundance Kid: Hundred shots! Hundred during! Zukyun! Bakyun!

269. Harriet Tubman: Black Underground! Slaves to Freedom!

270. Monkey D. Luffy: Boy's hands! Gums of the pirate!

271. Larry Graham: One in a million you! Bass of sound!

272. Luther Burbank: Fruits! Vegetables! Developed a cactus!

273. Johannes Kepler: Earth is round! Astro science!

274. Zorro: Dark fighter! Those feelings! Engrave the Z!

275. Paul Bunyan: Axe and ox! Giant lumberjack!

276. Mori Ogai: I wrote dancing girl! Hidden in the wild geese!

277. Leonardo da Vinci: Anything and everything! Mona Lisa!

278. Robert the Bruce: Knight of braveheart! Step on the sword!

279. James Clerk Maxwell: Speed of light! The Electromagnetic waves!

280. Raphael Sanzio: Two angel art! The Best painter!

281. Michelangelo Buonarroti: The Ultimate find! Good at sculpted!

282. Eric Heiden: Hero of the fast! Road skate!

283. Caleb Bradham: Drink for a cola! Man of pepsi!

284. Ho-Chi-Minh: The Powerful of revolution! Vietnam of yours!

285. Louis Cyr: Strongest! Heavy! Hyper macho~!

286. Sir Humphry Davy: Every discovery opens! Electricity of laughing!

287. Albert Schweitzer: Happiness be successful! Lambaréné hospital!

288. Isaac A. Van Amburgh: The Circus tamer! The Lion king!

289. Jacob Perkins: The Ice power! Father of the refrigerator!

290. Betsy Ross: General woman! Revolutionary flag!

291. Karl Benz: Original of the cars! Motor are speedy!

292. Luann Ryon: Also joy of light! Archery girl!

293. Lumiere Brothers: Exiting the factory! Film was the old!

294. Leon Trotsky: Violence revolutionary! Justice the end!

295. Percy Spencer: Chocolate is dissolve! Master of microwave!

296. Urashimataro: Man goes to sea! I saves turtle!

297. Al Capone: Boss a break! The Crime king

298. Chritina Grimmie: Goodness of kind, Girl for voice!

299. Terry Pratchett: A Books on magic! Father of the liberty!

300. Plato: Soul to the universe! Theory of forms!

Batch 4

301. Allan Pinkerton: The Vice detective! A Friend to honesty!

302. Italo Santelli: Powerful of swords! Father of modern sabre!

303. Henri Matisse: Scissor be cut! Draw be paint!

304. George W. Carver: Plant science, peanuts and sweet potatoes!

305. Miyoshi Seikai: Powerful brave figure! Sanada Ten Braves!

306. Tupac Shakur: Out of rapper! Yo! Greatest hits!

307. Adolf Hitler: Nazi is a great! Jewish haters!

308. Ten Bears: Indian Spirit! Fight of medicine!

309. Michael Wittmann: Tank for commander! Fire for wars!

310. William Wallace: Gu bràth! Hoo-rah! Guardian of Scotland!

311. Grant Wood: Spring! Wood! American Gothic!

312. George Eastman: One picture, A Thousand words! Click!

313. Ichiyo Higuehi: Especially side by side! Takekurabe!

314. Teresa Teng: Tokyo night! The World of love!

315. Odilon Redon: Eye balloon! Cheerful cyclops! Smiling spider!

316. J.R.R. Tolkien: Longest to finish! Lord of the rings!

317. Torpedo Billy Murphy: First world champion! Two hundred fights!

318. Mel Blanc: Bunny! Originals! The Man of 1000 Voices!

319. Pecos Bill: Bravest cowboy! Rides an tornado!

320. Robert Boyle: Heat and cold! The Laws of motion!

321. George Frideric Handel: Music note! Messiah! The Great music hall!

322. Saizou Kirigakure: The Blooming mad, Sacrifice Koga!

323. Shohei Baba: Legends tag match! Giant of the East!

324. Hippocrates: Greek of guards! The Best medicine!

325. Marie Antoinette: Opportunity of the revolution! What is a cake?

326. John F. Kennedy: 35th President! you can country!

327. Margaret E. Knight: Road to progress Large numbers of paper bag!

328. Anna Russell, Duchess of Bedford: Fondness! Perfect! Afternoon tea!

329. Joseph A. Campbell: Tomato soup, Food is awesome!

330. Theodore Roosevelt: Snipe at the adventure! Hero of teddy bear!

331. Robert Schumann: Sad symphony! Cello concerto!

332. Mao Zedong: Chairman on warfare! Favorite dish is pork!

333. Mas Oyama: Karate! Budo! The Idea of training!

334. John Manjiro: That it drifting! Hometown is Tosa!

335. Murasaki Shikibu: Implied by women! Hikaru Genji!

336. PewDiePie: Stupid! Game! Notice me senpai!

337. Mary Shelley: Strong and scary! What a great writer!

338. Hiraga Gennai: Genius! That is shone! Erekiteru!

339. Lao Tzu: Mastering yourself! The Old master!

340. Gajah Mada: Mace are strong! The Book of kings!

341. Bodhidharma: Zen meditation! The Third year! Now Kaigan!

342. Ramesses the Great: Pharaoh heard! Great of a god!

343. El Cordobés: Fighting! Faster! The Smash bull!

344. Casey Jones: Trying to stop his train! The Brave engineer!

345. Chosokabe Motochika: Sea is mine! Shikoku is the strongest!

346. Ono no Komachi: Three major beauty! Tales of sensuality!

347. Monty Oum: Amazing imagination! The Rose's Power!

348. Shiro Saigo: Judo fighting! Master fighting!

349. Buzz Aldrin: UFO! UFO! Astro in space!

350. Aesop: Master of kindness! All greatest tale!

351. Janina Kurkovska: Loved of shoot! The Hope arrow!

352. Lizzie Borden: Bloody! Killed! Murder by brutal whacks!

353. Lu Bu: Matchless world! Rogue commander!

354. Bobby Fischer: Knight! Rook! Bishop! King of the chess!

355. Kato Kiyomasa: Hunting of tiger! The Tiger samurai!

356. Gustav Klimt: Tree of life! Modern of golden!

357. Tokugawa Mitsukuni: Retirement! Medicine case! Grated refrain!

358. 4th Earl of Sandwich: I eating sandwich! The 4th royalty!

359. Tiger Woods: Honesty and decency! Addicted to golf!

360. Babe Ruth: You lived strong! The Beat baseball! Congratulations!

361. Katsu Kaishu: Ryoma's master! Bloodless Kaesong!

362. Ibn Battuta: The Islam journey! Set out alone!

363. Bill Gates: Success is computer! Co-founder of Microsoft!

364. Roronoa Zoro: The Three katana! Green for hairs!

365. Miyoshi Isa: Brother brave figure! Sanada Ten Braves!

366. Joseph Haydn: Adagio are surprise! Father of the symphony!

367. Orochimaru: Darkness ninja! Shinobi serpent!

368. Peter Durand: Food is idea! Meat in the canning!

369. Akechi Mitsuhide: Honnoji Incident! The Vengeful shogun!

370. Trixie Friganza: Free and easy! Opened in casino girl!

371. Mark Zuckerberg: Officer of Facebook! The Power to share!

372. Vinsmoke Sanji: Prince of cook! Spectre of kitchen!

373. Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen: Doctor of the rays! X-Rays science!

374. Louis Armstrong: What a wonderful world! Trumpet is the dream!

375. Sun Yat-Sen: Republic of China! Three principles!

376. Doug Henning: Stage of the illusion! The Crystal gayle!

377. Masanobu Fukuoka: Farming philosophy! The One-Straw revolution!

378. Aileen Riggin: High speed of swim! Mother of the underwater!

379. Usopp: Gunpowder! Eggs! King of snipers!

380. Kim Jong-il: Nothing is impossible, Supreme of Korean!

381. Robert Wadlow: Tall superman! Best in the world!

382. Henri Giffard: Giant airship! Grasp the air!

383. Chevalier d'Eon: The Loyalty revolution, Sword of france!

384. Fujiwara no Kamatari: Renovation degrees! Taika reform!

385. Tanya Angus: Beauty of hypertrophy! Accused of tragedy!

386. Boonsong Lekagul: The Life of conservation! Bangkok birds!

387. Gina Bovaird: Racing! Runaway! Roaring bike!

388. Cao Cao: Holding up the sword! Hegemony aimlessly!

389. Francisco Pizarro: City is falling! The World invasion!

390. Mark di Suvero: The Metal sculptor! Joie de Vivre!

391. Pelé: Soccer is only sport! Birth of a legend!

392. Charles Babbage: Hello! Science! Father of the computer!

393. Sun Quan: Kingdom of strongest! Tiger swords!

394. Lothar von Richthofen: Grasp the air! Going our plane!

395. Patriarch Alexy II: Monk of the kindness! Friendship of peoples!

396. Samuel Bellamy: Prince of Pirates! The Whydah Gold!

397. Howard Thurston: My object is to magic! Last magician!

398. Thor: Thunder on hammer! God of the thunder!

399. Icarus: The God angel, Wing is flight!

400. Jesus Christ: Heaven in Christianity! Trust in god!

Batch 5

401. George Bernard Shaw: Major tragedies!, The Perfect wagnerite!

402. Simo Hayha: Winter! Sniper! White death!

403. Lucille Mulhall: Cowgirl to heart! Rodeo queen! Yeehaw!!

404. H.P. Lovecraft: Cthulhu myths! Psycho horror!

405. Jesse James: Wild West in your hand! The gun's best!

406. Oishi Yoshio: Super swordsman! Forty-seven Ronin!

407. Edwin Hubble: Beyond the milky way! Cosmos and galaxy!

408. Dmitri Mendeleev: Chemistry! Element! The Atomic weight!

409. Thomas Jefferson: country is headed! Sage of Monticello!

410. Tsunade: Princess ninja! Shinobi slug!

411. Joseph Lister: Inflammation! Wound! Lord of surgeon!

412. James W. Marshall: Dig to soil! Gold rush finding!

413. Maharana Pratap: Sultan of courage! First freedom fighter!

414. Wang Zhaojun: Chinese to music, The Four Beauties!

415. Silpa Bhirasri: Sculptor of the day! Thailand is awesome!

416. Niccolo Paganini: Violin of sound! Plays by notes!

417. Buffalo Bill: Rodeo and cowboy! Wild West show!

418. Alfred Hitchcock: Knife! Psycho killer!

419. Robert Harbin: Zig Zag! Secrets of Origami!

420. Thomas Hunt Morgan: Two years work! One of the plant!

421. Amakusa Shiro: Shimabara Rebellion! Christian leadership!

422. Jack Frost: Man in a ice! Young Christmas!

423. Pat Garrett: Devil gunman! Killing Billy the Kid!

424. Elizabeth Bathory: Bath of eternal life! The Demon countess!

425. Li Bai: Waking from Drunkenness! On a Spring Day!

426. Robert Hooke: Tension! Extension! Elastic! Micrographia power!

427. Minamoto no Yoritomo: Samurai flag! First shogun!

428. Nakaoka Shintaro: Swordsman of navy! Ryoma's Best friend!

429. Qin Shi Huang: First of the empire! Side kingdoms!

430. Fukuzawa Yukichi: Modernization underway! Civilization for light!

431. Soichiro Honda: joy of Manufacturing! Speedway No.1!

432. Okubo Toshimichi: Returned to Japan! Meiji Restoration!

433. Ivan Pavlov: Russia physiology! Helpless an dogs!

434. Sitting Bull: God in the show, India warrior!

435. Rembrandt: Choose only one master! The Night Watch!

436. Howard Carter: Puzzled in the Egypt! Discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb!

437. Nefertiti: Young pharaoh! Royal for qualification!

438. Wilt Chamberlain: Famous basketball! The 100 points!

439. Lord Beden Powell: Scouting for boys! The Scoutmaster!

440. Kinko Kurosawa: Fuke Zen for flute! Shakuhachi monk!

441. Spartacus: Keep fighting! Spirits gladiator!

442. Clint Eastwood: Want a guarantee, Buy a toaster!

443. John Muir: Protector of nature! Treasure we must nurture!

444. Henry Hudson: Freeze! Splash! Hudson's river!

445. Maria Sibylla Merian: Dream of butterfly! Pineapple with cockroaches!

446. Jiroemon Kimura: The Final birthday! The Oldest man!

447. Guy Fawkes: Fighting! Traitor! Gunpowder plot!

448. Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Bridge! Station! engineering giants!

449. Nami: Navigator of weather! Orange town!

450. Shinsengumi: Kondo, Hijikata, Okita! Shoulder hug with you and me! Shinsengumi!

451. Mr. Bean: Funny! Comedy! Man of the amazing!

452. Davy Crockett: Raccoon! Rifle! King of the frontier!

453. Sergei Rachmaninoff: My dear hands! My dream symphony!

454. Mohamed Bouazizi: Street fruit! The Flame on body!

455. Marilyn Monroe: Actor of beauty! Woman laughter!

456. Arash the Archer: Escape execution! Arrow of the sky!

457. Yukiko Okada: Little princess! Image of flower!

458. Sigurd Siegfried: Norse of victory! It's Norse viking!

459. Jackson Haines: Ice of the spin! Skate in my boots!

460. Adam Smith: King of the philosophy! Theory of Moral Sentiments!

461. He Pingping: The Chinese dwarf! Finally in Rome!

462. Daniel Boone: Goodness! Woodman! First folk heroes!

463. Ian Hecox: Crazy donuts! Real ones before!

464. Anthony Padilla: Banana of played! Unicorn power!

465. Paul Gauguin: The Art imagination! Dreams of revenge!

466. Henry Dunant: True destiny! Livesaving! Solferino doctor!

467. Fidel Castro: Justice commander! President of Cuba!

468. Lawrence Oates: A Gentleman in the blizzard! Walked to his end!

469. Alexey Pajitnov: Who's there? Perfect puzzle!

470. Tom Pryce: Speed! Fast! Engine racing!

471. Bram Stoker: Fang of blood! The Dark horror!

472. Jandamarra: Slave of the snipe! Outside shoot!

473. Josphine Conrene: Dish to clean! Plate in water!

474. George Crum: Crispy! Delicious! Potato chip!

475. George Woolf: Honor of the horses! The Rodeo ride!

476. Igor Stravinsky: Heart of the note! The Rite of spring!

477. Christiaan Huygens: Clock! Titan! Astronomer of time!

478. Deborah Sampson: Female soldier! Flag in my hands!

479. Sobek: Army of the god! crocodiles's fang!

480. Oprah Winfrey: Queen of all media! Wonder vision!

481. Stephen King: King of horror! The Blood curdling!

482. Sherlock Holmes: Mystery solved! Elementary, Dr.Watson!

483. Voltaire: Judge of a man! By his questions!

484. Saitō Hajime: Born into a soldier, Shinsengumi slasher!

485. Kublai Khan: Mongol royalty! The Greatest empire!

486. Jahanara Begum Sahib: Lady of the age! Princess is the living!

487. Marco Simoncelli: Engine! Booster! Courage race!

488. Achilles: Spear is fight! Shield is defend!

489. Robert Stephenson: Train! Prepare yourself! Spirits of stream!

490. Claude Monet: Nature! Shining! Painter to flower!

491. Jack McGurn: Returned to Boss! Machine guns mobster!

492. Hasekura Tsunenaga: Galleon shogun! San Juan Bautista!

493. Mr. T/Lawrence Tureaud: Great strong, Sucka! The A-Team!

494. Paul Cezanne: With an apple, I will astonish Paris!

495. Joe Louis: KO punch! Dodging is hard!

496. James Dewar: Water! Bubble! Liquid oxygen!

497. Francis Chichester: The Lonely sea and sky! Wing swimming!

498. Donatello: See you reason! The First Renaissance!

499. Lady Tikal: Lord's daughter! Because of her created a natural!

500. Buddha: Dream of the future! The Buddhism!

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