People's Republic of Clausania
Clausopolis's flag
Capital City Orașmar
Largest City Insulăria
Language(s) Clausanian
Leader(s) Dictator Klaus the Almighty
National Anthem
Song of Clausania [1]
Government Communist
Population 5,205,478
Currency N/A
Demonym Clausanian
Date Format DD/MM/YYYY (AD)
Abbreviation CL
Included Environment(s)
Tundras, plains, and beaches
The People's Republic of Clausania, commonly referred to as just Clausania, is a country located in the northern portion of Lumilia. The most commonly spoken language is Clausanian, although numerous other languages are spoken, primarily due to the history of the region. Due to its location near the north pole, most of the population lives in the southern provinces, with only 20% of the population living in the northern ones. The country has 19 provinces and owns three islands, two of which are their own provinces. The islands are (from northernmost to southernmost) Misula, Mijeren, and Marula. More people live in Marula than in any other portion of the country. 

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