Penthouse Buffet
Your Restaurant at Level 5
Developer(s) SeventhHeaven
Publisher(s) SeventhHeaven
Platform(s) 7Si
Release Date(s)
17th July 2017
Story, Fun Cook, Designer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Cooking, Simulation
Series Penthouse Buffet
Successor Penthouse Buffet: American Grill
Penthouse Buffet is a cooking-simulation game created by SeventhHeaven, for the 7Si. The game was released on the 17th July 2017 and is one of the first 3D cooking simulation games to be released on a handheld gaming device.


The players takes the role of Shinzo (M) or Sheik (F), an 18 year old college graduate with a degree in culinary skills who is offered a place at a high class buffet restaurant in the centre of Tokyo. As Shinzo, you must work your way up to the highest rank, by cooking with the finest ingredients and creating the most delicious combinations known to restaurants.


In Penthouse Buffet there is three modes; story, fun cook and designer. In story, it is the usual plot. In fun cook you are given a randomly-generated list of recipes and you can cook anyone of them. After cooking that recipe you can save it to your recipe scrapbook, which contains all your favourites that you have saved. Finally there is designer. Designer allows you to design your restaurant, using a selection of items given to you by happy customers. As you progress through the star levels you get given better things, for inexpensive prices.


Name Level Unlocked
Adana Kebab 3
Almond Butter Crostata 1
Andouille Dirty Rice 0
Angel Slice 0
Ants on a Log 0
Apricot Stuffed Chicken 5
Artichoke Dip 4
Avocado Egg Rolls 3
Bacon & Egg Muffin 1
Bacon wrapped beans 1
Baked Cilantro Salmon 5
Baked Ham 1
Baked Potato 0
Basil Pine Nut Chicken 4
BBQ Chicken 3
BBQ Pork Rib 2
Beef Brisket 5
Beef Jerky 2
Beef Skewers 4
Beef tips & Rice 3
Beet Goat Cheese Salad 4
Belem Egg Tart 4
Bell Pepper Foam 5
Blue Candy Floss 2
Blues Pudding 1
Bread Pudding 0
Breaded Chicken Sandwish 2

Brunswick Stew

Bunny Cake 1
Campfire Stew 3
Caramalized Banana 4
Caramel Popcorn 4
Carrot Crab Shooters 3
Champagne Jelly 5
Cheddar Chowder 1
Cheese Macaroni 0
Cherry Jigglers 3
Chestnut Bisque 5
Chicken Dumplings 5
Chicken Fingers 1
Chicken Kiev 2
Chili Dog 0
Choco Cherry Danish 2
Clams Casino 4
Classic Chilli 1
Cold Avocade Soup 2
Colourful Fruit Kebab 0
Corn Paella Peppers 5
Cranberry Almond Pavlova 5
Cranberry Chutney 5
Creole Spiced Burger 4
Curried Beef 3
Deviled Eggs 3
Duck with Raspberry Sauce 4
Egg Veg Pizza 1
Espresso Glazed Pork 4
Fennel Citrus Salad 2
Fig Pork Roast 4
Flower Picker Salad 3
Friday Pizza 3
Fried Pickles 2
Garlic String 0
Giant Chili Dog 3
Ginger Fruit Salad 3
Ginger Glazed Mahi Mahi 3
Gingerbread Man 3
Goat Cheese Pizza 4
Gourmet Apple 5
Grandma's Meatloaf 0
Greek Salad 1
Ham and Potato Soup 3
Ham Stratosphere 2
Haupia 1
Hearty Beef Stew 3
Homemade Stuffing 0
Homestyle Pot Roast 0
Honey Glazed Ham 3
Hot Dog on a Stick 0
Jamaican Jerk Chicken 4
Jaw Breakers 5
Kahlua Pig 5
Kale Turkey Breasts 5
Lamb Chops with Mint 4
Lamb Meatball Sliders 3
Lemon Chicken 2
Lentil Salad 2
Lilypad Avocado Salad 1
Little BBQ Smokies 3
Lobster Hoagies 4
Macaroni 0
Mama Meatloaf 1
Manga Burger 3
Mango Salad Chicken 5
Marmalade Roasted Ham 3
Mini Crab Cakes 2
Mini Fruit Tartlets 1
Moose Stew 4
Mustard Grilled Lamb 4
Mussels in Broth 4
Mustard Corned Beef 3
Mystery Stew 5
New Orleans Gumbo 3
Nutty Turkish Pilaf 2
Oven Roasted Potatoes 0
Oven Fried Chicken 0
Patty Melt 0
Pepper Squash Stack 1
Peppercorn Beef 1
Pizza Cone 0
Pork Kabobs 3
Potato Salad 0
Prosciutto wrapped Papaya 5
Rack of Lamb 5
Ranch Beans 4
Roast Beef 4
Roast Goose 4
Roasted Tamarind Fish 5
Romesco Potatoes 3
Rotiserrie BBQ Chicken 2
Saffron Papaya Halibut 5
Salmon Mousse Slices 4
Salmon Rilettes 2
Saltwater Roast Pig 4
Seared Scallops 4
Seared Duck Breast 3
Sesame-Crusted Tuna 4
Shrimp Po Boy 5
Shrimp Shooter 1
Slow Roasted Pork 3
Smoked Pheasant 5
Soul Souffle 5
Spice Cured Turkey 4
Spice Rubbed Pork 3
Spiced Devil Eggs 2
Spicy Zuchini Pizza 1
Spring Chicken 1
Spring Rolls 4
Steak Aioli Sandwich 3
Steak stuffed Lobster 5
Steak Tartare 3
Stuffed Capsicum 4
Summer Pork Lettuce Wrap 2
Sweet Potato Pancakes 3
Tapioca Pudding 5
Tomato Spaghetto 1
Truffle Risotto 5
Turkey Cran Crostini 5
Turkey Legs 0
Turkey Pinball 1
Turkish Stuffed Bread 4
Veg Polenta 2
Vegas Buffet Platter 5
Veggie Burger 3
Veggie Wrap 2
Vienna Burrito 1
Voodoo Chicken Salada 5
Waffle Jelly 5
Wasabi Shrimp Cakes 3
Wild Boar Roast 5
Zesty Pepper Steak 4
20 Sushi Platter 2
40 Sushi Platter 5

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