Penta (Character)
Penta by WereWaffle
Full Name Penta
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Shapenoid
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Shapeshifting

Creativity Imagination

Shapekeeper Penta
First Appearance Shapeshifter

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Penta is a multi-colored shape being who stars as the main protagonist in the game, Shapeshifter by company Enigmatik Games. Unlike the other characters within Shapeshifter, Penta is the most creative thinking outside the box from time to time in which he is sadly rebuked for.


As with the Shapekeepers with assigned jobs, Penta was assigned to become a Shapekeeper of the Pentagons at an unknown date however, he was given the job of creating towers and bridges with the use of pentagons and pentagons only.

At first, he enjoyed every second of building and creating structures and monuments until he slowly realized that his structures lacked a major amount of creativity with the structures looking boring and the fact that it only came in one color, yellow. Branching out with new ideas, he decided to combine other shapes with the yellow pentagons to create more colorful structures which breathed creativity as soon as they were created.

Instead of being astonished and interested in Penta's idea of creating multiple objects with assorted shapes, the Shapekeepers scolded him and refused to let his imaginative ways continue any further, as they thought that creativity was just childish tomfoolery and that all should behave in a civilized manner or in other words, act like an adult.

Penta was told that if he was caught creating any more structures, buildings, and bridges in the future, he would be disbanded from the Shapekeepers and would never be heard from again. Despite this rule, Penta still continued to create objects with multiple shapes, but in small scale and within his home where nobody can disturb him.

One day however, the Shapekeepers mysteriously dissappeared, leaving Penta all alone as the only remaining Shapekeeper. Using his shapeshifting abilities along the way, Penta made way to go on a search for his 8 friends despite being ridiculed by them.


Penta is a very cheerful character who takes delight in everything he does and takes delight in everyone he meets.

Despite being rebuked by the Shapekeepers with his imaginative ways, he doesn't really care about what they think about him through their eyes. He also shows interest in toy making, in which Penta would collect smaller shapes to create toys and objects within his abode.

Penta also has a fear of dust and wind in which he believes that whenever a deceased body is seen, it is a dead corpse. He also fears wind due to his allergic reaction caused by it which is uncontrollable sneezing.


Like the other Shapekeepers, Penta has no limbs so he is able to move around areas freely with no trouble at all. Unlike the others however, his body is composed of multiple shapes rather than just one. His head is pentagon shaped which is also colored yellow, while his eyes are round and oval-like and are blended between the colors lightblue and cyan and last but not least, his mouth is red.

His body is a blue circle with an orange square within his chest and a green triangle within the inner part of his chest. Penta's palms are also circle shaped, sporting the color red accompanied with yellow rectangular fingers. Finally, his feet are half circle shaped and are colored green in which his feet allow him to walk at a steady pace. 




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  • Penta was originally won in the Fantendo Adoptfest of 2015 which makes him the first character to ever be adopted by Enigmatik Games with Kim being the second adopted character.
  • Despite his rapid sneezing allergy towards wind, Penta doesn't have a nose.
  • In his original incarnation, his left hand was originally colorswapped with a yellow palm and red fingers. Once WereWaffle (tbc) adopted him, the hand color was changed to red and yellow much like the original incarnation's left hand.