Speedy, the most notable penguin.

Penguins are a race of short, stubby birds that appear in the iPenguin series. They are very short, sort of chubby, they have short, pointy tails, round feet, rounded beaks that stretch around half their heads, small, oval shaped eyes, little bits of hair on them (or sometimes a full head of hair). They are the most common species in the series, followed closely by Brikies and Nugs. They are seen to be a very intelligent species, being able to build cities, buildings, and working machines very similar to the ones in the real world.


Along with the regular Penguin variety, there are some subspecies seen throughout the series. They are listed below.

Ghetto Penguin

Main article: Ghetto Penguin

A subspecies of Penguins that are noticeably larger, more muscular, have pointy beaks, bigger feat, pointy arms, and strange marking(s) on their backs. A common Ghetto Penguin is Thug. Ghetto Penguins are named that due to commonly being thieves or thugs, and largely involved in other criminal activity. They make their first true appearance in iPenguin Adventure as the main antagonists.

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