Pencilla on Purple
Full Name Pencilla
Gender Female
Species Fabric Sprite
Location Fabrica
Class Ally
Height 4 centimeters
There you go, Coy.

Pencilla is a purple friend gremlin and is part of S.O.E.. She is very helpful and anytime Coy falls will always help him up. She secretly loves Coy, but thinks that if she admits it she'll be laughed at. She rides on a Button named Purple. She likes video games.

Pencilla's Diary

April 2, 2010

Today I visited Coy in the hospital. He told me he would be out of the hospital tomorrow. I left the hospital and went to visit Button. He gave me some cookies. I then went home and played some Super Mario Galaxy. Then I went to bed.

I just woke up to find that it seems very dark. However, it was daytime when I went to sleep and right now it is 1:22 PM. What could it be? I walked outside to see a large black cloud. It was right above my house. Then, it started hailing on my house! The roof broke and Purple flew out quickly. What just happened? Me and Purple went to a tree and slept under it.

When I woke up Blark was still there, so I called Button. I though I had slept the rest of the night, but it was only 10:00 PM.

Button came and brought us to his house. Blark is still at my house.

I just woke up. It's 2:00 in the morning, and Blue and Purple are gone. I quickly woke up Button and told him and we ran outside. Blue and Purple are no where in sight! We kept calling their names, but only an owl answered. We went to bed again, worried. Where could they be?

Button's leaving! I asked him why, and he said this was his fault. I don't know where he's going, but I think he will come back. Until then, I always have the heroic Coy.

April 3, 2010

Coy just woke me up. I saw it was noon, but I was tired. Coy said that Button's been gone all day and he just saw Blue and Purple fall out of a blimp. I quickly got up and got into my dress and ran outside. Blue and Purple were right there, happy as can be with Red. I jumped on Purple and Coy jumped on red. Blue followed. We had to find that blimp!

We've been searching for hours, but no sign of Button. I saw a pond and me and Coy had a little water. Then, it started raining. We saw the blimp. It reached down to grab us...

I opened my eyes. We were in the dungeon with Button. There was a window, but none of us could fit through. Then, I saw Thread and Pink! They were flying past the blimp. I grabbed a rubber wrench and threw it at them. It hit Pink, and they noticed us. We had alarms on our backs that would go off if anyone with a alarm touched it or if we left, so they went and got Loop. Loop, Thread, Pink and Purple took off the alarms and we all escaped. We were all happy.

I woke up. Huh...I'm not home anymore. I looked around and saw Button, Coy, Thread and Loop. I sat up and saw we were in a cage. Button was awake. I asked him what happened and he said that Blark kidnapped us, but not the Buttons. That meant Purple, Blue, Red, Pink and Purple can still save us! But what if they get kidnapped too...?

April 13, 2010

I woke up and saw it was April 13. Didn't I go to sleep on April 3? I slept 10 days...Blark probably gave me a sleeping pill. I looked around, seeing I was at my house. Huh? What just happened? I walked out and saw that everything around me was black. I was the only one there, and I couldn't run. What was happening? Oh no!!! I saw a black version of me walking up. I asked who it was, and she replied she was Pencilla X, my Worst Nightmare. She explained that Blark had put all me in a Nightmare with her as the main enemy and me as the damsel. She explained that I could only wake up from my Nightmare if I was taken away from Blark's Blimp. I looked around me and saw a large cage falling around my house and me. Pencilla X grew huge and lifted me up and put me in a glass jar. I was trapped!

Purple's Diary

April 2, 2010

Me and Pencilla visited Coy today. I expected to find Red, but he wasn't there. After that, we went to Button's. Button gave me some thread. We went home and I played Super Mario Galaxy with Pencilla for awhile, but then she went to bed. I flew around to find Red but bumped into Purple. I fought with him awhile, and then kept looking for Red. I found him stuck in a tree, damaged, and took him to the hospital. Then I went home and fell asleep.

I just woke up to some hail. It hit me on the head. I ran out to Pencilla and slept with her under a tree. But what was that?

I woke up in a weird dark room, but I couldn't get up. I was strapped to my seat. Blue lay beside me. He, too, was strapped. Someone had kidnapped us. I looked up and saw a strange shape hovering above me. He gave me some liquid and I fell asleep.

April 3, 2010

Button! He saved us! He walked right in here and told Blark to let us go. Blark grabbed Button and asked him why he should let us go. Button said that Blark could have Button if he released us! No! Blark kicked us out but kept Button. We Coy and Red flew in and Coy entered Button's house. Coy and Pencilla came out and flew away on us, determined to find Button.

Ugh, I'm exhausted. Pencilla and Coy just stopped at this little lake, but then it started raining. I looked up, and saw the blimp! It grabbed all five of us...

I opened my eyes. Pencilla jumped on me. Huh? I saw Pink, Thread, Purple and Loop. I figured it out. We were escaping! I flew as fast as possible, and soon we were home.

I woke up. Where was Pencilla? She wasn't home...huh... I quickly went to Thread, Loop, Coy and Button's house and saw that they were all gone. The buttons said they hadn't seen them leave. We quickly flew off to find them, guessing they were back with Blark.

April 13, 2010

We've been searching for days. We were resting beside the pond where Pencilla, Coy, Red and I found the blimp the first time. Red and I hoped that the blimp would come back. It did! It didn't grab us, so we flew up to see Blark wasn't there, but Pencilla, Thread, Loop, Coy and Button were. They were all sleeping. The door was locked, so we couldn't save them. Now what?


Pencilla is very helpful, as told above, and also rather kind. She almost never gets angry, and when she does it's no big problem. She talks very quietly, especially around Coy. She likes cookies and video games. She also is rather smart.

Purple's Personality

Purple is also kind, but louder and gets angry more often. When Purple gets angry, she flies around the room, smashing anything she sees. But, if Purple isn't angry, she's nice to have around. Purple hates Purple, Loop's button, but is good friends with Red, Coy's button.

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