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Developer(s) Nextgen solo logo4
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Platform(s) BluevoltXLogo
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan June 2, 2012
25px-Flag of USA June 6, 2012
25px-Flag of Europe June 10, 2012
25px-Flag of Australia June 19, 2012
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 3D Platformer-Adventure
Media Included Bluevolt X Blu-Ray Disc

Pencil and Paper: Shadin's Wrath is the third and final game in the Pencil and Paper series, and the first one to have computer-generated artwork. The game is for the NextGen Bluevolt X and developed by NextGen Solo. P&P:SW is the first game published for the Bluevolt X.


The Great Shadow Being is dead, and color has returned to the islands of Colortia and Grayscale City. One day, a long-forgotten follower of the Shadow Being sought out the demonic weapon used by him: the Shadin Staff. Only with this maleficent item could he become the new Dark Lord, and top follower of the God of Shadows, Shadin.

Finding the Shadin Staff in an ancient cellar under the ruins of The Great Shadow Being's castle, the long-forgotten follower channeled his inner darkness to the weapon, and became infused with its evil power. He cast all the lands in shadow, gathered legions of followers ready to re-join Shadinism after leaving it because of the frowned-upon nature of darkness since the Shadow Being's death, and scattered the sacred power of the Light Goddess, Hue, around the Ancient Archipelago.

This task of re-gathering his items and Color Drops was nothing new to Colortia's resident hero, Taka-Alaon, and his apprentice, Alak-Mono. They stood together at the top of Colortia Mountain as shadow crept to their island, and were ready to take on this new adventure.


Pencil and Paper: Shadin's Wrath is a platformer-adventure game, in the same vein as Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64. The main goal of the game is to recover Hue's sacred power, the Color Drops, to advance into other areas and reach the final boss, Shadin.

You also collect items along the way that help you traverse the worlds, Zelda-style. Along with that, smaller items like Color Drips (currency) and Orbs of Force (health pickups) are also there to support you in small ways throughout the course of the game.


There are 12 worlds in this game. The first 8 worlds are modified versions of the 8 worlds from the first game, made to appear in an apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic setting, as Shadin's evil power has cursed the islands into destruction.

The last 4 worlds are trials within The Gods' Home, a sacred area in the sky that Hue and Shadin share. These words are smaller and contain no Color Drops, items, or bosses, but rather exist to test the player's skill before fighting Shadin himself.

The First 8 (The Ancient Archipelago)

World Information
Ruined Forest Island Color Drop Color: Green (10 to obtain)

Item: Line Tool

Boss: Oakley, Lord of Flora

Sandstorm Dunes Island Color Drop Color: Yellow (10 to obtain)

Item: Fill Tool

Boss: Duneshift, Master of Wind

Stormy Seas Island Color Drop Color: Blue (10 to obtain)

Item: Zoom In/Out Tool

Boss: Aquave, Controller of Water

Crumbling Crags Island Color Drop Color: Orange (10 to obtain)

Item: Eraser Tool

Boss: Stonecold, One With Rock

Menacing Midnight Island Color Drop Color: Indigo (10 to obtain)

Item: Brush Tool

Boss: Shade, Servant of Shadin

Lethal Toxins Island Color Drop Color: Purple (10 to obtain)

Item: Gradient Tool & Eyedropper Tool

Boss: Aciditox, King of Poisons

Scalding Magma Island Color Drop Color: Red (10 to obtain)

Item: Select Tool

Boss: Blaziburn, Emperor of Eruption

Grayscale Ruins Color Drop Color: N/A

Item: Sacred Ink Staff

Boss: Raider, the Dark Lord

The 4 Trials (The Gods' Home)

World Information
Trial of Flames Shadin's Lair Key: Key of Lava
Trial of Evil Shadin's Lair Key: Key of Despair
Trial of Darkness Shadin's Lair Key: Master Key
Trial of Shadin Final Boss: Shadin, the Shadow God


Image Description
Taka-Alaon P&P3


The hero of Colortia Island, Taka-Alaon once again must collect the sources of Hue's power, Color Drops, to gain access to other worlds and travel to the Grayscale Ruins to defeat the new Dark Lord.



Apprentice to Taka-Alaon, Alak-Mono joins on this adventure only as a co-op character, played by the second player in the main adventure. His Golden Hat signifies his apprentice title and gives him power from Hue.



Ressurector of Shadinism, the new Dark Lord casts the world in shadow from his lair inside the fallen ruins of Grayscale City, starting this adventure.



The Color Goddess, Hue is the worshipped deity of the Colortians. The people of Colortia have created many different things that her power flows through, such as the Color Drops and the Sacred Ink Staff.

In her Soul form, she helps Taka-Alaon in the final battle by using her power of color to charge the Sacred Ink Staff.



The Shadow God, Shadin is the worshipped deity of Shadinists. Shadin is represented in the physical world by a Dark Lord, and sometimes appears as a weapon known as the Dark Staff.

In both his Soul forms, Shadin is the final boss, using his evil power of darkness to try and defeat Taka-Alaon, drain the world of color, and seal away Hue forever.



Line/Curve Tool

Obtained in: World 1

Works like a grappling hook, allowing for easy clearing of large gaps in certain areas.

Fill Tool

Obtained in: World 2

Fills gray area of the landscape to solve puzzles and restore color.

Gradient Tool

Obtained in: World 3

An upgraded Fill Tool (you can now restore color to enemies, damaging them.)

Select Tool

Obtained in: World 4

You can select and teleport to any previously visited island from anywhere.

Zoom In/Out Tool

Obtained in: World 5

Acts like a telescope or binoculars; you can zoom in around your environment to spot well-hidden areas and items.

Eyedropper Tool

Obtained in: World 6

Used rarely; can copy a color in a room to apply to your Fill/Gradient Tool, allowing you to fill in that certain color and match the room, clearing the puzzle.

Eraser Tool

Obtained in: World 7

Allows you to erase special eraseable doors and walls to access new areas.

Brush Tool

Obtained in: World 8

Allows you to paint symbols on certain things (such as doors) to complete a puzzle or trigger an event.



  • This is the 13th listed game created by NextGen Solo, and the number 13 appears a few times during the game as a reference.
  • This is the darkest of the 3 Pencil and Paper games.
  • The pronunciation of "Shadinism" bears a resemblance to the pronunciation of Satanism, which makes sense considering Shadin is the evil deity in the Pencil and Paper universe. This is also true for comparing "Shadinist" and Satanist.

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