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NOTE: this koopaing is free to use so don't ask me just go ahead and use him
Pemmey Koopa
Current Age 13
Date of Birth 2002
Gender male
Species koopa
Location bowsers lair
Align koopailng
Family and Relations
lemmy koopa
Main Weapon(s) ball staff
Ability/ies can summon any ball
Vulnerable To head
Pemmey koopa is one of bowsers 54 kids. He is very much like lemmy. He is the only other koopaing to use balls however he can still shoot projectiles. He can jump just a little bit lower than Iggy however his jumps are much shorter has well.


he appears like lemmy. His hair is red,the area where is hair is blue, is skin is purple, he doesn't ride his ball but the ones he shoots blue with orange stars.


Lemmy Koopa

He is best friends with him

Iggy Koopa

likes is machines


thinks he is the best dad in the world

Bowser jr.

thinks he has a stupid nose that looks like a ball

Larry Koopa

likes to play with him a lot

Roy Koopa

thinks he is like his dad there both good Friends

Morton Koopa Jr.

thinks hes very fat so fat that he thinks he ways Over 9000 pounds and he uses the toilet Mario has to use a warp whistle

Wendy O. Koopa

thinks she way to bossy and wants everything in the world

Ludwig von Koopa

thinks he is great leader 



Wants him dead would kill him for 1 millon dollers


hates him almost as much 


will kill when giveing the chance has clue why dosen't Bowser just kill her than the hole games over.\


  • it is the first koopailng by dawnoftheplants

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