Pedestrian Help is an upcoming video game to be released in 2016-17.


Not pretty much is known about the game but protagonists that are married Max and Zu must take care of the patrols. Dubbing will start on March 1, 2016.

Voice Cast

  • Johnny Depp- Max
  • Amber Heard- Zu
  • Colleen O' Shaugnessey- Patrol Coach
  • Mike Pollock- Sir Hubert
  • Steven Jay Blum- Pedestrian
  • Wally Wingert- Pedestrian
  • Oliver Wyman- Pedestrian
  • Jaleel White- Pedestrian
  • Roger Craig Smith- Pedestrian
  • Stefan Karl Steffanson- Robbie Rotten, Pedestrian, Sir Mickey
  • Troy Baker- Pedestrian
  • Kate Higgins- Pedestrian, Perci
  • Keith Silverstein- Pedestrian, Stanley


Activision will make the game. It is consumed that Robbie Rotten will make an appearance.


  • Max and Zu are similar to their voice actors.

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