Pearlin artwork
Gender Female
Species Wiggler
Location Mushroom City
Class Villain
King Polarite
Main Weapon(s) can shoot blasts of glitter
First Appearance Episode 01 of Super Mario Revival

Pearlin is a villainous Wiggler who appears in the first season of Super Mario Revival. She is a member of King Polarite's army, and like all of King Polarite's minions, she was once good.

Pearlin was the fourth member of King Polarite's army who was sent to find the Gleaming Treasure. While Pearlin loves fashion and likes to spend leisure time, she is also very determined when it comes to her job and loves to come up with plots to defeat Mario and his friends. She usually works with Quartza during her missions and schemes.


Pearlin is a wiggler with four body segments. She has a very light, pale gold color. Pearlin wears a pearl necklace and wears three pairs of high heels for her six feet. She also wears a beret hat, and is usually seen carrying around a handbag.


  • Glitter Salvo - Shoots a blast of glitter at her opponent. This move was first used against Luigi and Daisy.
  • Glam Cannon - Pearlin's most powerful attack; it is a huge blast of glittery white light. 


Beta Designs

Before Super Mario Revival was finalized, Pearlin, like the other villains, was first designed to be an alien. She went through many changes. There was an idea of her being a Chain Chomp, and then a Mii, and then was finally designed to be a Wiggler.