is for the Wii. The McBoo characters will appear.

Playable Characters

Peanut Jon (P1) (Can climb trees)

P Nut (P2) (Can lay Peanut Bombs)

Peanut Tom (P3) (Can dig underground)

A Corn (P4) (Can call nuts from the sky)

McBoo (P5) (Can lick enemies to stun them)

O' Lantern (P6) (Can scare enemies)

Ghoularry (P7) (Can scare enemies)

Akro Bat (P8) (Can scare enemies)


Peanut Jon is walking through the tree. He sees a bat. Not unusual. He sees a Jack O'Lantern. Not unusual. The Jack O'Lantern comes to life. Unusual. Two ghosts appear. He faints.

He wakes up in his bed with the bat, Jack O'Lantern and two ghosts standing over him, as well as P Nut. He starts to faint again but the ghosts stop him and tell him that they need help finding the Squirrel King and Booberry, but more squirrels must help. They find Peanut Tom and A Corn and the two agree to help. The eight set off.


Hold Wiimote sideways.

2: Jump.

1: Special Ability

Control Pad: Move



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