Peach parasol by banjo2015-d8my539
Peachy's still got it!
Symbol SSB Mario Series
Universe Super Mario Bros.
Official Debut Super Mario Bros. (1985, NES)
Availability Unknown
Final Smash Peach Blossom
Home Stage Sprixie Kingdom
Tier Unknown

Princess Peach is the cheerful princess of the Mushroom Kingdom who is one of the confirmed returning veterans from the Super Mario Bros.series, alongside Mario, Luigi, and Bowser, in Super Smash Bros. Universal Struggle. While she mostly remains unchanged from her previous appearances, her neutral special has been changed to Emotion Vibe, which uses the emotion mechanic introduced in Super Princess Peach. Peach can also hover briefly in midair like she could in Super Smash Bros. 4.


Special Moves

  • Neutral Special: Emotion Vibe -
    • Joy: Peach's speed and jump height increase, but her attack and defense decrease. She is also able to float for longer in the air.
    • Rage: Peach becomes a walking pillar of fire and incredibly strong in attack and defense. She is unable to use her Final Smash or items during this, and she cannot float in midair.
    • Gloom: Peach begins crying and her tears can damage opponents. The tear streams can also create slip traps on the ground.
    • Calm: Peach regains about 2% of health every 10 seconds while this emotion is in use. Besides that, her stats are unchanged.
  • Side Special: Peach Bomber -
  • Up Special: Peach Parasol -
  • Down Special: Vegetable -
  • Final Smash: Peach Blossom -

  • Neutral Special:
  • Side Special:
  • Up Special:
  • Down Special:

Normal Attacks

  • Neutral attack: Peach fiercely slaps her enemy two times before hitting them with a frying pan. (2% damage for the slaps and 5% damage for the frying pan)
  • Dash attack: Peach extends both her arms forward before spreading them out. This is good for rushing opponents, as the second hit has some knockback effect to it. (6% damage for the first hit and 4% damage for the second hit)
  • Forward tilt:
  • Up tilt:
  • Down tilt:

Smash Attacks

  • Forward smash:
  • Up smash:
  • Down smash:

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral aerial: 
  • Forward aerial: 
  • Backward aerial: 
  • Up aerial: 
  • Down aerial: 

Grabs, Throws, and Pummel

  • Grab: Peach grabs the opponent with her right hand.
  • Pummel: Peach kicks the opponent directly in the shin. (2% damage)
  • Forward throw:
  • Backward throw:
  • Up throw:
  • Down throw: