Note: this page talks about this character in Super Smash Bros. Strife.

SSB Mario Series
Daisy MPIT

The Princess Peach will smash hard in this game! She looks like a beautiful and helpless girl but she can perform some strong attack which can hurt the opponents. For a long time you waited for her best friend, the Princess Daisy, and now she can be chosen as an alternative outfit for Peach.

Changes between Super Smash Bros. Omega

  • Peach has got a new Standard Special: Fireball! Toad has become his Down Special.
  • Parasol is stronger and jumps higher.
  • Peach can float for a longer time.
  • Peach has got a new Final Smash: 7 Stars.

Special Moves

Standard Special: Fireball. Peach shoots a pink fireball which can be controlled. The fireball inflicts 7% of damage.

Side Special: Peach Bomber. Peach jumps forward inflicting 18% of damage.

Up Special: Parasol. Peach jumps inflicting 12% of damage with her parasol. Then, she opens the parasol and falls slowly.

Down Special: Toad. Peach protects herself by using a Toad which splits spores that inflict the opponet's damage x 1.5.

Final Smash: 7 Stars. A large column appears and Peach can throw the opponents inside. The maxim damage is 79%.

Strife Smash: Chain Chomp. Peach calls a Chain Chomp which inflicts 36% of damage per bite. The Chain Chomp stays in the battlefield for 21 seconds.

Special Ability: Floating. By holding jump button, Peach can float for 5 seconds.


  • Peach's Fireball is pink, Daisy's Fireball is orange.
  • Daisy's Fireball has got a worse control but is a little faster.

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