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Princess peach

The beauty Princess Peach is a veteran who's ever ready to fight! In fact, Peach shows strange but powerful moves and she can float! Peach is a flyer character, her main element is Light and her notable outfit is like Daisy.

Special Moves

Standard Special: Toad. Peach uses a Toad like a shield and he will split some spores which inflicts the damage of the opponent move multiplied 1.5.

Side Special: Peach Bomber. Peach attacks the opponent by launching herself and inflicts 18% of damage.

Up Special: Parasol. Peach jumps with her parasol and inflicts 3% of damage. Peach will plane with this move.

Down Special: Vegetable. Peach takes a vegetable and inflicts about 6-12% of damage. The vegetable's face define the damage.

Final Smash: Toad Army. Peach calls about 12 Toads with weapons (6 with a spear, 4 with a beam sword and 2 with a Super Scope) and they attack.

Special ability: Floating. By holding the jump bottom, Peach can float for 3 seconds.

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