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<Super Smash Bros. Brutal Duel

Peach Icon SSB5

Peach makes her 4th appearence in the Smash Bros. series and she has a new final smash and has been all togehter buffed.

Special Moves

  • B: Heart Shield: Peach will have a shield go in front of her basically being functioning just like her old B. It was replaced due to Toad being playable.First appearence: Inspired by special move in Mario Kart: Double Dash.
  • Side B: Peach Bomber: Peach will bomb into you with her body leaving behind a heart. First appearence: None
  • Up B: Peach Parasol: Peach jumps upward folowed by bring out her parasol to gently glide back to the stage. First appearence: Super Princess Peach
  • Down B: Vegtable: Peach pulls a turnip from the ground and can press to throw it. She can also pick a bomb every so often. First appearence: Super Mario Bros. 2
  • Final Smash:Rage!: Peach will get angry and then turn on fire! The fire will give off flame damage! First appearence: Super Princess Peach

Pallete Swaps

Same as always


Same as always

Victory Theme

Super Princess Peach - Theme00:53

Super Princess Peach - Theme

Theme up until 0:06

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