Peach's Finale is a game for the nintendo triangle. It is a 3d platformer. In it, WART Captures every single character in a Mario Kart or platformer mario game.... Except for Peach.


In it, its a mario platformer where you only play as Peach. Peach works like in Super Mario 3D World. Otherwise, its the same as Super Mario 3D World.


Rest of power-ups added soon

  • Mega Mushroom
  • Super Bell
  • Cannon Box
  • Propellar Box
  • Double Cherry
  • Goomba Mask
  • Ice skate
  • Item Box
  • Tanooki Suit
  • Boomerang suit
  • Lucky Bell
Power-up Image What it does Looks
Super Mushroom Turns you to super form, allowing you to get better power-ups, and give you more health Red with white spots
Metel Mushroom Turns you to pink gold peach, allowing you to have five health at the cost of jump height. Gray mushrooms with no spots.
Fire Flower Tranforms you into fire peach, allowing you to throw fireballs Flower with a face and orange petels
Ice Flower Turns you into ice peach, allowing you to throw ice balls that freeze enemies for some time. Blue fire flower
Mini Musheroom Makes you small, allowing you to reach small passages Smaller, Blue super mushroom
Super Star Makes you invisible for a short amount of time Yellow star with eyes

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