Paulo is a character in the Super Luigi series. He is a manifestation of Mario in Luigi's alternate reality.


Paulo is a big scaredy cat even scared of a Goomba. He is even more pathetic than Luigi. But he will be heroic when needed. In Super Luigi Land he gets more courage.


New Super Luigi Bros

In New Super Luigi Bros Paulo is a big scardey cat and joins Luigi on his quest to save Daisy.

Super Luigi Bros: Crisis In The Alternate Reality

In this sequel Paulo once again joins Luigi helping rescue Peach and Daisy from the Dry Koopas. He also meets Mario in this game along with Yosher Jr.

Super Luigi Land

In Super Luigi Land Paulo is again a playable character going with Luigi Bowser and Jr through Luigi Land to save the land from Morton Koopa Sr.

Super Luigi Land 2: Groundbreaking Adventure In The Underground

In this game Paulo is traveling through Underground Luigi Land to save the princesses

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