A girl has to save her friends' souls from being sucked away, and has to destroy a powerful enemy. Luckily, a friend from above helps her, for the girl has faith in him.


 "Long ago, a girl named Rosalina came across a very old mansion. As she wandered around the rooms, she saw a very old painting. The painting was blank.

"Thinking that someone accidently turned it so it didn't show the pretty part, Rosalina spun the painting, not knowing the secret that held withen spinning the painting.

 "As Rosalina watched the painting spin, she began to feel very dizzy, then fainted. Her soul was sucked out of her body and into the painting, turning the painting from blank to a picture of Rosalina.

 "No one knows if the painting still exists, for no one has ever gone to that mansion since the incident." 

  Sandy reads to Paulina. "It's sad about what happened to that poor girl." Paulina tells her friend. "Who wants smoothies?" Gracie calls from the kitchen. "I do!" Both girls said.

To be continued.

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