Paula (ポーラ Pola) is a major protagonist of EarthBound. A resident of a town called Twoson, Paula lives with her mother and father and assists them by working at Polestar Preschool, which they own. Out of all the available party members of EarthBound, Paula has the strongest PSI attacks, and can use powerful techniques such as PSI Fire and PSI Thunder.

Just as it was between Ana and Ninten, it is hinted that Paula has a crush on Ness. Though speculation on the part of fans, the pairing between the two characters remains as one of the EarthBound series' most popular.



  • Due to the name of her family's preschool being "Polestar", it is a common misconception that "Polestar" is Paula's surname. In fact, her surname is never explicitly stated throughout the game.
    • The name "Polestar" is actually a pun on Paula's name, though this is only evident in the Japanese version of the game. The name "Polestar" begins with the three characters that make up Paula's Japanese name: ポーラ.

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