Patti Koopa
Patti Koopa
Full Name Patti Lee Koopa
Current Age 15
Date of Birth October 19th, 1999
Zodiac Sign Libra
Gender Female
Species Koopa
Location Mushroom Kingdom
Current Status Alive
Class Villain, Koopaling
Koopa Troop
Family and Relations
Bowser (adoptive father/boss), Koopalings (biological siblings), Bowser Jr. (adoptive brother)
Main Weapon(s) Wand
Ability/ies Shooting musical notes, summoning sonic waves, using treble clefs as blades
Vulnerable To Stomps, fireballs
Weight 97lbs
First Appearance None yet
Latest Appearance None yet

Patti Lee Koopa is one of Bowser's Koopalings , and the fourth oldest child in the Koopaling family. She is intelligent, and incredibly snide and sarcastic. Patti loves music, and is always seen wearing headphones styled like red koopa troopa shells. She is named after Patti Lee Smith; a punk rock singer.


Patti is quite clever and is awfully intelligent compared to her siblings (which to be honest isn't a very big feat). She is, however extremely lazy and lethargic most of the time, and prefers to sit around and play her guitar rather than help Bowser with his schemes. She can be arrogant when she succeeds, but this always ends up getting her into some kind of trouble (i.e. being put through many awkward or dangerous situations because of her hubris). Once you get her talking, she will begin to run her mouth until she's exhausted. She prepares for battle by listening to fast paced music, and also loves sour candy.


Patti is a bit shorter than Iggy and stands in a very upright position. Her hair is salmon-colored, with a dark pink streak in the middle, and is tied in a fluffy ponytail. She has bright blue eyes like the rest of her siblings, that peek out from behind her lime green shades. Her shell is dark pink and covered in spikes like most other koopas. She wears two spiked, black wrist cuffs, and a pair of headphones shaped like koopa troopa shells.


Larry Koopa


Lemmy Koopa


Roy Koopa

Roy and Patti make fun of each other nonstop, but it slowly went from hostile to friendly teasing over the years. They get along okay, but none of their conversations have much substance. Back in their childhood, they used to compete for Bowser's affection.

Morton Koopa Jr.


Wendy O. Koopa


Ludwig Von Koopa


Iggy Koopa



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