Pataton box

The Pataton and box it comes in

The Pataton is Pokeytech's sole home console, released quietly near the beginning of 2016. It is known for its petite and soulless design, as well as its resemblance to a paper Pokey


In the center of the console is the Disc Bowl, which the game disc is placed in. The "spine" at one end of the torus can be flipped down to turn the console on or flipped up to (haphazardly) eject the current disc. The whisker closest to the spine resets the console and the farthest whisker adjusts the display.


When turned on, the Pokeytech logo appears on a white background with a booming, soul-crushing droning noise playing in the background that resembles the sound made by Tripods in War of the Worlds (the 2005 film). The menu itself resembles that of the original Nintendo Wii, although more sparse and with a tan color scheme.


The console's mascot is a Dark Pokey-like character named Despair. She appears on loading screens (and sometimes on other menus of the console, unannounced) to share interface usage tips, nihlist ponderings, and sometimes just to scream really loudly. She can be turned off in Options, but this will cause her to appear in the nightmares of the console owner at an increasing frequency until she is enabled again.

1st party games- exclusive

1st party games- rereleased

3rd party games

Feel free to develop a game for the console.

Gallery: Console

Gallery: Games

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