Past into Present is a game for the "Nintendo NintePC" and is a platforming game revolving around going to the past to fix the future. The actions in the game will effect the rest of the game- so there is many choices you'll need to make. You'll have to create your own future and the consequences of it. The game doesn't actually feature anything from history, but instead has other things, like Nintendo's Reggie becoming the president of the united states


The gameplay is a generic platformer, but also involves you going back in time to erase things from the future that aren't right, but going back to the past might rupture the future even more, so you need to be careful for what you do.

You can go back to the past at any time you please, but you can't use this too much. You have limited control over the time machine, and it'll only go back 10 seconds. This can be used to summon a copy of you to run around and jump in the same path to confuse enemies.


The main protagonist, Boston, is walking through a junkyard. He finds a time machine, and looks around inside it. As he decides that it is broken and won't work, the past comes into the future, and starts messing up things. Even someone from a hour ago comes back to eat the pizza he ate before. Boston soon finds out that reality is messed up. People start changing, and it's up to HIM to stop it.


Character Description
Boston PIP (2)Boston Boston is a boy who's life is perfect. He has close friends, and a great house. Then he found a time machine! Boston has a broken arm, making it hard to function the time machine, however he is still normal. He doesn't have laser vision, or electricity powers. Just, normal. He is the protagonist of the game.


Quests are completely optional, but to get the best ending you must choose between which ones to do and not do.

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