Parvati - Written in the Stars

Parvati: Written in the Stars is a mini-series, written by Bleak Moonlight (tbc), also appearing as part of the Fantendo - Drive collection. The series is set to feature Parvati at the beginning of her life, taking place before any other project she's featured in. It focuses on her life story, and how she learned the arts of social manipulation to take over an Eden similar to Earth, which she eventually destroyed from the inside. 

It majorly serves as an insight into the true evil of Parvati, and sets up the beginning of Shangri-La.

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"C" Cameron Sariah


Parvati's existence is a complete mystery to the ordinary human, as she was created by a mythical event in the stars, being born by an alignment of stars which has never happened before. It attracted the attention of three Deities, who observe the solar system from a man made vessel in the sky, which is invisible to the normal human eye. Parvati lead the creation of the New Human race, and quickly became a powerful figure on a new Eden.

It's time to discover what really happened to the Eden, and Parvati.


Chapter 01: Alignment of the Stars

It all happened on New Years eve. The laughter and cheering of average, everyday people as the year had drawn to a close. You see, average people would never be able to recognise something so big happening around them, how would they have known the beginning of the biggest catastrophe to ever exist would occur, right then? 

We see three deities watching over the world, and notice one of the stars moving out of the normal pattern it takes.

The youngest Deity, Zvette, the least experienced. She acts very informally compared to the other two deities, and doesn't always take things as seriously as she should. The second Deity, Zxene, is the most experienced of the Deities and is the most practical. He usually carries out all of the tasks that the Deities need doing. The third Deity, Zwei, likes to think they're the leader of the group. They come up with the plans and expect it to be followed to the precise detail.

Zvette: Hey, did you guys just see that? What in the world happened?
Zxene: I'm just as confused as you are. We never planned for any of this to happen...what an abnormality.
Zwei: An abnormality indeed. This needs to be covered up as soon as possible, as well as the cause of the light.
Zxene: We're on it. We want your plan to move as smoothly as possible, Zwei.
Zwei: Of course you do, because it benefits all of us. Let's hope this abnormality isn't something that could possibly disturb fate.
Zxene: Absolutely.
Zvette: Right on!

Suddenly, more and more stars begin to move out of pattern, and align to create a never before seen pattern. A big flash of light occurs, and engulfs the entire solar system. The Z Deities become more and more confused, while Zwei becomes more frustrated.

Zwei: ...OK.
Zxene: I have zero clue-
Zwei: That doesn't help whatsoever. We need to know what this is, we're Deities for crying out loud. We're supposed to know everything.
Zvette: Calm down Zwei, you're right, we're Deities. That means if anything goes wrong we can just make it right again!
Zwei: Fine, whatever.
Zxene: what did just happen?
Zvette: Well, good question. The normal pattern the stars would follow was somehow disturbed, and the stars formed a never before seen pattern.
Zxene: Can you see anything? Did it do something other than make a whole lot of light?
Zvette: I can't see anything. I'm pretty sure it just created the light. At least this is easily covered up, it's just simply a new years celebration.
Zxene: Good thinking. Simplicity is always the best.

Meanwhile, back on the planet, the light fades away, as people keep cheering for the New Years celebration. Out of nowhere, a new human appears on the planet as a result of the light. Their eyes are closed, and open to reveal a pair of mystic blue eyes.


Chapter 02: Bright Lights

Parvati checks her surroundings, feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of the world she is now in. She finds herself in the middle of a bustling city, with bright lights in every direction you look. She is surrounded by people still celebrating the new year, and is approached by a purple haired girl.

 ???: Hey! Enjoying the new year!?
Parvati: U-uhh, yeah. It's crazy. Who are you?
C: Just call me C! It's what all my friends call me, so I guess you're one of them now too!
Parvati: Cool. I'm Parvati.
C: Not one for too much talking, are you?
Parvati: I can't speak English well.
C: Ohhh! Don't worry! If you watch I could help you to learn the language better? I'm an English Language major, so it shouldn't be too hard for me, ahaha.
Parvati: Okay, thank you.
C: No problem! Let's get back to my place and I'll start to teach you the language more fluently!

C grabs Parvati's arm and they leave to go back to C's place, a college dorm. A montage plays of C showing Parvati flashcards, as she progresses with learning English. After a couple of weeks, Parvati is more fluent in speaking English.

Parvati: Thank you so much for the help, C. I definitely wouldn't have been able to get around if I couldn't speak properly.
C: Don't worry about it! I didn't know our college accepted foreign exchange students though, you definitely would've had trouble with your classes.
Parvati: Exchange students?
C: Yeah, you're from Europe or something right? 
Parvati: I'm not sure, but I think I'm going to find a subject to study while I'm here. May as well make use of my time here.
C: Good idea! College life here is wonderful, and this college is especially renown for it's Science departments. I think you'd love something like cryogenics or forensics.
Parvati: Forensics sounds interesting. I'll give it a look. 
C: Coolio! Anyway, I should probably go to my English class right about now, I haven't been in a couple of weeks aha.
Parvati: Oh yeah, sorry for keeping you. I'll take a look around and come see you later, okay?
C: Sure that's cool, I can introduce you to some of my friends later on too!
Parvati: Sounds fun, see you later.

Parvati steps outside of the dorm room, and is greeted by an immense beam of sunlight, blinding her for a moment. When her vision returns, she notices many students sat outside, conversing and enjoying life. Cautiously, she makes her way to the main hall, where she notices many different booths advertising degrees. She makes her way around to the Forensics booth, where a geeky looking dude is standing.

 ???: Hello there! You interested in a career in forensic sciences?
Parvati: Maybe, I haven't decided yet.
Cameron: My name's Cameron. I've been wanting to do this degree for so long, since I was a young kid, haha.
Parvati: Interesting, why's that?
Cameron: I just think genes and DNA are so cool, like how can we identify someone just by the configuration of some lines on your finger? It's so interesting to me.
Parvati: That's a good point. I think I might sign up after all.
Cameron: Awesome! What's your name?
Parvati: My name is Parvati.

Chapter 03: Foreign Forensics

A couple of days later, Parvati is registered as a forensic student. She decided to move in with C, due to not having a source of income to afford her own student accommodation.

C: It's gonna be so fun living with you, Parvati! What do you want to do first?
Parvati: Hmm, not sure. You?
C: I know! We should totally revisit your look! We could dye your hair, buy some new clothes, you'll look amazing!
Parvati: Sounds like a plan!

The pair head off into the neighbouring town, and browse all the stores. They try on a bunch of dresses and outfits, before deciding upon a dark blue dress. They then look at different hair dyes, and decide upon a dusty purple colour for her new hairstyle. They then head back to the room, and prepare Parvati's hair for the dye.

Parvati: I'm so excited to see my new colour!
C: Me too! You really suit the purple on the box, in my opinion. It'll look much more unique than the blonde you have now.
Parvati: Is that a good thing? Haha.
C: Everyone around here competes to be unique, it's a recurring thing in this campus.
Parvati: I see. Do you think it'll impress them?
C: Depends if ya want to impress 'em.
Parvati: May as well make a good impression, nobody here knows who I am, so...
C: I get ya! Got your eyes on anyone?
Parvati: What do you mean?
C: Like, do you fancy anybody? Sorry if I'm being too nosy or anything haha.
Parvati: You're not don't worry, and not really nah.
C: Anyways, your hairs done! We just gotta wash your hair now and it should be looking snazzy.

The girls approach the shower, and C washes her hair to expose the new colour. The purple looks exactly as she wanted, completing her new look for the new Parvati.

Parvati: I'm definitely ready for starting my classes tomorrow now!
C: You'll do great. I'm rooting for ya!
Parvati: Thanks, I think I'm gonna go rest up for tomorrow, see you.
C: Sleep well!

The next morning, C attempts to wake up Parvati, but fails, until she pours water over her face.

C: Wake up! You've got class in like 10 minutes, you need to get ready.
Parvati: Crap! I overslept! I must go!

Parvati takes off running all over the room, grabbing clothes and brushing her teeth as quick as she possibly can. She grabs an apple from the counter and sprints out of the room, just to trip down a set of stairs, landing on the ground below. She sits up for a moment, and a boy walks out from the dorm underneath hers.

Cameron: Parvati? You okay?
Parvati: Y-Yeah, I'm fine. Just fell down the stairs.
Cameron: For God sake, didn't have you pegged as the clumsy type.

He pulls her up from the ground.

Parvati: I'm not normally, just overslept this morning...
Cameron: Ah I see, like the new hair by the way. I'm off to class, anyways. See ya.
Parvati: See you.

Parvati walks cautiously to the main building and finds herself in the science corridor in no time. She tries to find her class number, and eventually finds a science lab where her class is held. She immediately notices only one empty seat, next to Cameron.

Parvati: Seem to be running into you a ton today.
Cameron: Apparently so. Guess this seat's yours.
Parvati: Thanks. Where's the teacher?
Cameron: Running late I suppose. That makes two of you, haha.

The teacher enters the class, and silence resumes.

Chapter 04: The Rise of Socialism

A couple months later, Parvati has properly settled in to university life, and has performed exceptionally well in her degree. Herself and C meet in a local cafe to catch up, after not seeing each other for a few days through being exceptionally busy.

C: Hey Parvati! How've you been? I feel like I haven't seen you in forever!
Parvati: Same! I've been good, been getting a lot of good reception from my lecturer, he thinks my work is exceptional.
C: Hey, congrats! I always knew you would've been good in the science department, and it's not even one of the easiest degrees you can do! I've noticed you've gotten a lot better with English too!
Parvati: Yeah! Whenever I had spare time I would look online for some tutorials to help with my speech and accent.
C: Awesome, it's really worked! Hey, now that I think about it, what's your first language anyways?
Parvati: Uhhh, I'm not entirely sure. Latin?
C: Whoa that's incredible, you still fluent in it?
Parvati: I don't think so, I've forgotten most of it trying to learn English haha.
C: Fair enough! Anyways, you have any plans for tonight?
Parvati: Nothing in particular no, how come?
C: There's a wild party tonight to celebrate the end of the first semester. You should definitely come and introduce yourself to people. I don't know if you've made many other friends yet, but it can't help to be a social butterfly for one night.
Parvati: Hmm, I don't know if I'm ready for that yet. I've only been here for a few months...
C: Don't be silly! It's about time you let yourself have some good fun, all you've done since you've got here is work and work.
Parvati: True, but I just don't know if I'm ready for that kind of social activity yet. Although, you are right when you say I haven't made many good friends yet...
C: That's the spirit! I've gotta go hand in my latest assignment anyways, but I'll see you later!
Parvati: See you.

Later that night, the two of them get ready back at the dormatory. 

C: Sooo, you and that Cameron guy seemed to be getting along well.
Parvati: Oh we're just friends, haha.
C: I've seen the way you look at him, it's totally more than that! He's gonna be there tonight you know.
Parvati: I seriously don't! 
C: Alright, alright. We're gonna have a fun time anyways, aren't we?
Parvati: Sure. I've never been to one of these parties before, I hope it's good. 
C: Oh it will. I'm just glad we don't have to come in for a good week.
Parvati: Yeah I'm glad to have a small break, I'm probably just gonna study though.
C: Do you not have any hobbies or anything apart from studying?
Parvati: Now that you mention it, no not really.
C: When you come back you should defintiely sign up for some extra curricular activites. You don't seem like a sporty type, so maybe something like debate would suit you?
Parvati: I'll look into it later, but for tonight I just wanna have fun!
C: Good girl, okay, let's get going then!

They leave the dorm together after getting dressed up for the night's events. They walk for a long time, before arriving at a house lit with colour and life. After a couple hours and many drinks, they end up splitting up, and Parvati notices Cameron wander into one of the rooms upstairs, so she follows him. 

Parvati: Cameron!
Cameron: Oh, hey Parvati.
Parvati: You doing cool?
Cameron:'re drunk aren't you? I always thought the smart girls would partake in something like drinking.
Parvati: You're so right! That why you're no drink?
Cameron: Okay I think you've had enough. We should probably get you back to the dorm. 

Cameron carries Parvati on his back through the house, and takes her home to her dorm room. He gently lays her on one of the beds, and sits at the edge grabbing onto his foot. Parvati then wakes up and notices he's hurt his foot.

Parvati: Is that a blister? I've got some cream that can help with that.
Cameron: It's no bother, it'll heal on its own.
Parvati: Thanks for carrying me back.
Cameron: No problem, you seemed pretty far gone so I thought it'd be for the best. Where's your roommate?
Parvati: She was there too, she'll be fine, she'll come back later. Feel free to stay here, there's empty beds.
Cameron: Nah I should be getting back to my dorm to finish some more research. 
Parvati: Alright, well, goodnight then.
Cameron: Yeah, see ya in a couple weeks when classes are back on.

Cameron leaves, and Parvati falls back to sleep with a faint smile on her face.

Chapter 05: Be the Cure

Back with the Deities...

Zvette: This is bad.
Zxene: I hate to agree on such a mundane statement, but you're right. This being is becoming too intelligent too fast, especially for members of the human race.
Zvette: Which is odd, since she does look like a human...
Zwei: Have you two figured out a solution yet or is that my duty as per?
Zxene: Since the other one can't think to her fullest capacity, I think it's my job to find a solution. The easiest being that we send somebody to monitor her.
Zwei: That's why you're the brains and I'm the brawn. Who would you suggest?
Zxene: You say that as if we have a plethora of people to choose from...
Zvette: Send that new girl!
Zwei: Fine, I guess it'll lower the weight capacity on here. Zxene, send that girl to the planet, I'd address her by her name but I honestly don't know what it is.
 ???: Imbecile, I'm Sariah.

A couple weeks later, when classes have resumed, Cameron and Parvati are working together on last week's assignment as they await for their teacher to arrive.

Cameron: Hey, can you pass me the thermometer?
Parvati: Sure. Hey, I'm sorry that you had to see me in that state a couple weeks back. C convinced me to go out partying...
Cameron: Don't worry, it happens to the best of us.

The teacher frantically enters the room, looking panicked as he is late.

Teacher: Hello class, sorry for the lateness. I have a meeting very soon, meaning I'm going to introduce you to a big assignment, which counts for the majority of your grade.

The students look up from their individual projects, and pay more attention.

Teacher: I want you to try and create a remedy to improve on a person's characteristics. You can use any of the facilities we have available at the university and anything you can get your hands on, as long as it's legal and safe.

One of the students sighs at the back of the classroom.

Teacher: As I was saying, it should be something revolutionary. If it's exceptional, there's no doubt that you'll get a high grade on your overall grade. Anyways, I must be going. Good luck students, I shall see you in a few weeks to catch up with your progress.
Cameron: This is awesome! We actually get to create something that'll be able to change lives!
Parvati: Don't get too ahead of yourself Cameron, this is a pretty big assignment. We aren't just going to be able to create a cure for the world's most deadly disease out of thin air.
Cameron: Yeah you're right. On a more positive note though, do you have any ideas for what to do?
Parvati: I have a couple, not sure how realistic they are though.
Cameron: Shoot, I'm all ears.

Suddenly, a small girl with black and yellow hair emerges.

Sariah: Hey you two, not entirely sure if we've formally met but my name is Sariah. I was wondering if we could work together for this project, I'm not entirely sure where my partner is but he hasn't shown up to class in a while.
Cameron: That's a shame, but sure, you can work with us. I'm Cameron, and this here is Parvati.

Sariah pulls up a chair opposite to the pair, and they start to discuss ideas for their project.

Parvati: Welcome to the team! I was going to suggest we make a study aid.
Cameron: Come on, that isn't very creative...
Sariah: If I may interject, me and my partner did discuss something similar to this as it happened last year with the students in the year above, but what about if we could create a solution to mend social awkwardness? We could turn your average shut-in to a social butterfly!
Cameron: That sounds amazing! What do you think Parvati?

Parvati looks displeased, but nods in agreement anyways.

Parvati: I do have one catch though, I want to be the test subject.
Cameron: What!? That's mad.
Parvati: I know, but you need a guinea pig, and I'm the best subject for it, I'm in perfect health.
Sariah: She is right. As long as you think we'd be able to tell the difference as you take it, we should be good to go.
Parvati: Then it's settled! Let's get to work guys, I'm counting on you after all.

Chapter 06: The Social Solution

In Parvati's apartment, the three students recall their progress on the creating their project. It is late at night, after the trio have been working on the potion for days.

Sariah: Hmm. Our latest trial of the solution seems to be ineffective. Do you feel different at all Parvati?
Parvati: Afraid not.
Sariah: We're back to square one then, maybe we were too ambitious with this idea.
Cameron: Nonsense! I'm determined to get this to work somehow.
Sariah: You're right, I shouldn't give up so easily. Do you think we're missing some sort of core ingredient?
Cameron: Perhaps...did we add anything butterfly related to it?
Sariah: Nope, that must be what we're missing. Butterfly wings are stated to be a very important ingredient when it comes to alchemy. I'll have a look around and try and find some. You two should get some fresh air.
Parvati: Good idea, coming Cameron?
Cameron: Sounds like a plan.

Parvati and Cameron go outside, and they are immediately in awe of the sky, which is pitch black with many glowing stars.

Cameron: The sky's beautiful as always.
Parvati: I can only really appreciate it at night.
Cameron: Me too, it looks so special and mysterious, yet mesmerising at the same time. You know, I haven't seen my family in such a long time, it feels like I've been burying myself in my work for way too long.
Parvati: You should go see them when we finish the semester.
Cameron: I should yeah. I wish I could be a younger version of myself again, just so that I could appreciate the time I had with them back then. It was hard though, my parents were constantly fighting and splitting up, and it was difficult as an only child to really push through it all.
Parvati: I'm so sorry Cameron.
Cameron: No don't worry it's fine...I think I'm gonna go back inside and make more notes. Come in when you're ready.

Parvati looks saddened, despite continuing to admire the stars.

A couple of days later, Sariah returns with the butterfly and manages to complete a newer version of the potion.

Sariah: Alright Parvati, we've managed to finish a newer version of the potion. Let us know how you feel.

Parvati takes a sip from the potion. Her body shudders a little, and she closes her eyes, before opening them again suddenly.

Parvati: Wowza! That's one heck of a potion my friend, definitely did the trick!
Sariah: Uh...
Cameron: Amazing.
Parvati: I'm assuming it worked then? I feel like a butterfly!
Cameron: Looks like it! Time to turn it in then, have we got the final recipe recorded?
Sariah: Yep, I'll quickly type up a copy.

Cameron sends in the project to the class, and after a few more days regular classes are back on. The teacher approaches Cameron and Parvati.

Teacher: Hi Cameron, I'm really impressed by your project with Sariah, it's a great entry, maybe even one of the best in the class. However, Parvati, I'm still awaiting your project.
Parvati: Huh? Me, Cameron and Sariah all worked together on that social awkwardness project, I should've been credited on the documentation.
Teacher: Oh, how odd. I'll add your name to my paperwork then regarding the project, apologies.

The teacher walks away and Parvati looks confused.

Parvati: I thought you put all our names on the documentation?
Cameron: I swear I did, this is so weird.
Parvati: I guess it doesn't really matter if I'm still credited for it. Anyway, you wanna go grab a coffee?
Cameron: Yeah sure, I'm pretty thirsty.

They head to the common room to grab a coffee, and Parvati notices something strange hanging up on the notice board. She gasps.

Parvati: What the hell is that!?

A picture of Parvati is hanging on the board in black and white, with the word 'FREAK' written on her forehead in a blood-red marker. She hugs Cameron.

Cameron: Why would someone do this?
Parvati: I really don't know, why is this happening to me?

Chapter 07: Speech Impediment

A couple of weeks later, Parvati has received back to back abuse from several more outlets, such as finding a picture of herself on the notice board once again with a dart through her head, and a threatening letter through the post written in red marker. After discovering these, she hasn't left her apartment. Cameron comes over to check up on her after noticing she hasn't been in class for a while.

Cameron: *knocking on the door* Parvati? Come on, I know you're in here. 
Parvati: *sniffling* Cameron? 

Cameron knocks on the door again, and it opens up a little. He proceeds to walk inside, where Parvati is sat on her bed covered in quilts and blankets. The curtains are closed and limited light comes through into the room.

Cameron: I hate to be that guy, but isn't this a little bit overdramatic?
Parvati: Cameron, for god sake, I've been getting letters through the mail on how I'm gonna be killed. I don't know who, and I don't know why, but somebody's out there trying to kill me...
Cameron: Whoa what!? I thought all that happened was the weird flyer thing. 
Parvati: Much more has happened since then...I found a picture of me with a dart through my forehead too.
Cameron: Jesus, why don't you report it?
Parvati: I figured it's pointless when we graduate like tomorrow or whenever it is.
Cameron: Wait you don't know when graduation is? Parvati we've got graduation in a few hours, that's why I've came to check up on you! Well, and the fact I haven't seen you in class in a week or two.
Parvati: Oh shit you're right. Hmm, I guess I may as well get ready then. Help me pick out a dress?
Cameron: Ugh, if I must. Surely that's something for that quirky roommate of yours, isn't it?
Parvati: Oh you mean C? I haven't seen her in days, actually. I think she's on some trip.
Cameron: You haven't spoken to her? Why don't you just ring her?
Parvati: No time, plus I don't have a mobile phone...
Cameron: Oh my god, you may be able to speak better with a social cure but it definitely doesn't fill you in on the culture of a social butterfly. Anyway, yeah I'll help you. What've you got?
Parvati: There's a couple in the wardrobe, just pick whichever you like the most.

Cameron opens the wardrobe and coughs from the dust. He rolls his eyes, before flicking through the dresses. 

Cameron: How about this one?

He pulls out a black dress with a black leather belt for the waist, and she claps.

Parvati: Shocker, some men do have fashion taste. Alright, turn away, this lady's gonna get changed.

Cameron turns around for a couple seconds, and she gets changed very quickly. He turns back around after she coughs.

Cameron: Whoa, that's lookin' good, but I guess anyone with that dress would look above par.
Parvati: You know exactly what a woman wants to hear, sigh. Anyways, let's go get our graduation gowns. 
Cameron: Good call!

A few hours later, the time has arrived for graduation. Parvati and Cameron are sat in the front row, chatting about their time over the past year. To her disappointment, Sariah comes and sits with them, and she puts her hand on Cameron's lap. 

Parvati: Uh, hey Sariah...
Cameron: Oh, I almost forgot. Parvati, me and Sariah are dating now!
Sariah: Yipee! We got really close over the past couple weeks from the project, and just generally in classes since both of our partners were missing in action! 
Parvati: Are you serious? I was gone for two weeks and you replaced me, just like that!?
Cameron: Don't worry, I forgive you for being absent Parvati, haha. Me and Sariah have only been official for a couple of weeks, but we're head over heels right now.
Sariah: I'm glad you're happy for us Parvati!

"I was so confused. I thought the bond me and Cameron built up was something special, something extraordinary, something that couldn't be mirrored by anybody else in the solar system. I felt special when I was around him, I felt like I had more to offer this world. And when he said those words, it was like all of me just disappeared into thin air. Everything I built up to this moment just became nothing. It's so hard to put into words, but I was blinded by my own affection, and something in my being just snapped, beyond repair."

Cameron: Anyways, it's time to get your diploma, Parvati! I hope we stay in touch after this!

Parvati remains silent and walks onto the stage, and prepares to give her speech. She begins to speak, and suddenly she notices her tone is becoming more dominant and aggressive as she speaks, while the audience are hooked on her every word, and she realises the impact her words have on people, especially at a setting like this. She begins to smirk evilly, and laughs for a second, before continuing her speech, and aiming it at removing the normal from the world. As this happens, the audience members seem hypnotised, and begin to charge at one another, ripping each other to shreds. A broadcasting camera is destroyed in the process, which shows the screams and carnage noise as she continues spreading her speech of hatred.

Months later, the world has descended into pure, uncontrollable chaos. C and Cameron, barely managing to avoid the chaos, manage to track down Parvati who went missing after the graduation ceremony. Now in the place previously known as Egypt, Parvati resides. C and Cameron approach a temple, covered in sand as a sandstorm rages throughout the land. They walk up a large staircase, and fair Parvati lies, facing away from them. 

Cameron: ...We meet again, Parvati.

Upon recognising the familiar voice, Parvati turns around. Her hair has changed drastically, with many jewels and beads now being thread through it. Her attire is completely transformed into a golden dress, and her face is heavily bleak with dark eye make-up and lipstick. 

"Cleopatra": You're mistaken, my label is Cleopatra.
Cameron: Bullshit!
"Cleopatra": ...Ignorance is bliss, you're lucky I'm using that as an excuse for your disrespect.
C: What's going on here? I heard about everything at did you manage to make your words have this effect on the world?
"Cleopatra": I don't expect you as a mere mortal to understand. 
C: Mere mortal!? You wouldn't even be able to speak English if it wasn't for me!

A silence follows, and C falls to her knees.

C: Look, Parvati, I'm sorry for leaving you alone so much. I shouldn't spent more time making sure my best friend was okay instead of just parading around doing my own thing. If I hadn't left so much, this wouldn't have happened.

As tears begin to flood her eyes, Parvati looks away with regret. 

"Cleopatra": Listen, the past cannot be undone. You need to leave here before-
Cameron: Before what!? I'm confused as hell!

Another silence follows, and Parvati falls to the ground like a rock. By herself, she rolls around to face the sky, and she opens her eyes, which are now filled with glitch-looking static. She stands up slowly, and approaches Cameron, before whispering in his ear.

Cameron: I must commend you though, without your magic potion, I wouldn't have been able to become the true me. 

Suddenly, Cameron feels a sharp pain in his abdomen. He looks down, and he notices blood seeping through his clothing. He looks at Parvati, confused and shocked, before falling to the floor. Parvati then looks at C dead in the eye.

"Cleopatra": I take pity on you, that's why you weren't first.

C remains silent, until Parvati releases a pair of cobras from her hair, which chase C out of the temple. One wraps itself around her legs, making her trip down the stairs of the temple, then at the bottom covered in bruises and cuts, the other cobra lands a bite on her neck, killing her.

Chapter 08: A Stroke of God

The camera pans out of the planet from the previous events, eventually zooming out so far to a spaceship, showing Parvati placing her hand against some glass. It appears she is inside a spaceship-looking vehicle. She begins to cry, as a familiar face emerges from another room.

Sariah: Evil bitch.

Parvati turns around in shock, and looks defeated, albeit confused.

Parvati: What are you doing here?
Sariah: I work with those deity dudes. I was sent down to that planet to monitor you, and look what you did.
Parvati: I feel bad enough already, just leave me alone!
Sariah: And so you should, you killed most of the population. We had to remove you before that planet became extinct, mind you, they did have to tone down your evil levels before allowing to roam around here freely.
Parvati: Whatever. Why am I here, again?
Sariah: Zwei thinks you have some sort of divine purpose. Mind you, I'm pretty sure you'll get your memory wiped before they do anything else involving you. Sorta makes sense, considering what you just saw. 
Parvati: Again, whatever. What's this divine purpose you speak of?
Sariah: How would I know, and stop speaking like that, you're not all-knowing and you need to stop speaking as if you are. 

The deities walk into the room.

Zwei: Now you understand why you need to be contained, correct?
Parvati: I don't understand anything. For starters, where are we?
Zvette: Ooh, can I answer this one!?
Zxene: Ugh, fine.
Zvette: We're in a shuttle, it allows us to view the universe and act accordingly! We're currently in a void plane, which means we won't disturb any time-space continuum's or-
Sariah: Fuck shit up, basically.
Zvette: Why do you always have to be so vulgar!?
Zxene: Regardless. We're nearly ready for the memory-erasal procedure. Sariah, can you come help us? ...You're the only one who has a hand small enough to input the command codes.
Parvati: So that's her purpose then? Ha.
Sariah: Whatever, at least I'll remember all this.

Parvati shrugs, and they leave to ready the machine. Parvati notices a computer-looking device near her, and begins to investigate it. 

Parvati: Oh my goodness, this is outstanding. Truly astonishing. You know what...

Parvati begins to type the keys ferociously, and she somehow manages to create a planet. 

Parvati: What a spectacle to behold. Hmm, now, what to name it?

She ponders for another second, before typing the name "Ziama Prime". 

Parvati: A name fit for a Parvati Planet. Oh, this thing looks like a custom human programme. They definitely must've been inspired by the Sims to make this.

She begins to fiddle around with the options, and manages to create a carbon copy of Cameron. She places him on the planet, and creates a loving older sister for the family he always wanted. She then proceeds to make C, and ponders once again.

Parvati: That's a point, what was C's full name...hmm...I think I remember seeing it on one of her diaries once...

A flashback occurs, when Parvati and C first met and shared the dorm room on their first night of university. In the middle of the night, Parvati opens her eyes slowly and notices C writing in a book, with a label on the front, "Caoimhe's Dairy". After remembering, she fiddles with more options, and notices a button saying "Beorn".

Parvati: Oh wow, this has suddenly turned into Build-a-Bear workshop. You know what, she always said she wanted to be more unique, I'll give her the form she never could've imagined. Even if I never remember you two, you'll have the lives you've always imagined. I wish nothing but the best, I'm sorry our experiences together had to end on such a cold and bitter note...

After hitting enter, the people are created and placed on the planet. She hears footsteps coming towards her, and jumps off the computer, and sits on the floor instead. She also notices a camera pointing towards her, and panics.

Sariah: Come on honey, time to forget your entire life and the best friends you murdered!
Parvati: I'm so glad I won't remember you. I need to go to the bathroom first, where is it?
Sariah: Ugh, for fuck sake, it's through the door on your far right. You know where I am, just come through as soon as you're done.

Sariah leaves the room, and Parvati smiles.

A couple of moments later, Parvati is lying on a table, with a massive overhead gadget hanging above her head. 

Zwei: Girl, can you do the honours?
Sariah: My name is Sariah, fuck sake, yeah sure, mainly for my benefit but still.
Zxene: *whispering* Note to self, create a robot with human hands then drop this one off at the closest gas station.

Sariah pushes the button, and a bunch of pink and purple rays are sent into Parvati's brain, removing all of her memories from her experiences of the planet. As it happens, she has a faint smile sprawled across her face, as her last thoughts are with her friends, happy.


  • Parvati: Written in the Stars is the first fully written story by Bleak Moonlight (tbc) on the wiki.
    • Unless Melting is counted, but that's a movie as opposed to a series.
  • Parvati: Written in the Stars has been in planning since Parvati was originally planned.
  • The basis for the story was somewhat inspired by Danganronpa 3: Side - Despair, as it showed the lives of the villainous characters before they descended into evil.
  • The way Parvati kills Caoimhe and Cameron are both references. Caoimhe's death is reflective of the supposed way Cleopatra killed herself in Egyptian history, whilst Cameron's death was similar to Yatsuke Masuda from Danganronpa: Zero.
  • The inclusion of Sariah was a last minute addition to the story, as it felt like there was a missing character when writing the plots for the final chapters.